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    Onyx Blackbourne

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    Onyx Blackbourne Empty Onyx Blackbourne

    Post by Onyx Blackbourne on Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:04 pm

    Onyx Blackbourne E34MaWf

    Name:  Onyx Blackbourne
    Gender: Male
    Age: Sixteen
    Date of Birth: Sixteenth of June
    Race: Fairy: Onyx is a fairy, a magical being of high magical potential mostly found in children fairy tales. They are known for being able to cast powerful magics and their pastime of soaring through the skies, sometimes being seen out and about on a starlit night.
    Racial Traits:

    Fairies have wings, which they fly with. At D-Rank, Onyx can fly up to a maximum of five feet into the air before he is unable to support himself any longer. Another five feet is added to this per each rank (10ft at C-Rank, 15 at B, etc.)

    +Fairy Size
    Fairies are also known for being tiny, which is another reason why they are so rarely spotted. Onyx can shrink down to a maximum of six inches tall, which include his clothes to stop the embarrassment of having to go in the nude every time he shrinks. This can only be maintained for two posts at D-Rank, adding two posts per each rank up. (4 at C-Rank, 6 at B, etc.) On a side note, his features become much softer and more kind in this form, befitting his heritage.

    Onyx Blackbourne 4AsRYFb


    Onyx is an interesting individual to say the least. Out of combat he tends to be rather relaxed and joking, which is why it always seems to be so off putting when he suddenly delivers a crushing remark out of nowhere to the unwary. Of course, he tries to keep this under wraps, although at some times he does slip leaving quite the awkward lapse in conversation when it happens. However, he tries his hardest to be caring to those he knows well about. On the flip side, he has a shy streak when new people which he often will try to cover up with an aloof attitude but often fails to do so, leaving him doing things like simply saying "hi" in a response to a greeting or flat out just failing to respond. Above all this though, is Onyx's greed. He isn't about to go stealing your money, no, but he is a man with an eye for money and often this can bleed over into his mannerisms, causing him to seem more shrewd when the subject at hands changes to finances. This especially effects him when the area or current situation is one dealing with finances, him almost obtaining a grip to his wallet that could rival a certain restaurant owning crab.

    In battle, Onyx's approach tends to vary greatly in the situation. Both during lethal and nonlethal fights he tends to joke around, talking and attempting to interact with his opponents not only as a way to throw his opponent off guard but also out of genuine curiosity to hear their responses. However, it can be noted that he often seen fighting dirty, not above throwing sand into the eyes or delivering a well placed crotch shot if it will bring home the bacon. As soon as the fight turns serious however, or perhaps if a nice wad of bills is stuck into his pocket, Onyx will turn serious in order to concentrate fully on decimating the opponent instead of turning his attention to other things. In this state he can be seen as almost cruel, often showing no mercy to the point where he can almost not recall what made him act that way when the fight is finished.

    If it wasn't obvious already, Onyx has an intense eye for green. While it's less for him and more for his family, it's almost certain that he'll never miss out on an opportunity to gain some more. It's for a good cause, right?
    Because nothing is better than rocking out to your favorite jams. That, and it helps make for some of the worlds best entrances.
    Perhaps what he would have been, if he had close to no talent in the sciences. Onyx holds a deep respect for these people and their jobs and will treat any well if he comes across one.
    The very thing that causes him to go scrounging for green. Onyx is not a fan of sickliness or any sort of thing that can spread disease due to the fact that it hits uncomfortably close to home.
    Quick, fast, to the point. These are things that Onyx values both in a business relationship but just in general. Being told to sleep on it is not a response Onyx wants to hear, and it will likely irritate heavily if he must.
    It might be his complexion, but merchants almost always seem to mistake Onyx for some sort of royalty and try to rob him blind with outrageous prices. Obviously, Onyx is tired of it and will take offense if anyone would try to do so again.
    Believe it or not, Onyx actually does have a reason for his money grubbing tendencies. His desire to help his family drives him each day, making sure that he does his job instead of lazing about
    To be more specific, it is one person in general that drives Onyx's will. This is his sister Clara. His intense desire to help her be cured of her illness is always burning in the back of his mind and will quickly set him back on task.
    -The One?
    Call him a romantic, but deep inside Onyx does believe that there is such thing as a love that could last forever even though finding such a thing would likely take herculean efforts. When he's feeling down the idea of finding a true partner can help him back on his feet, he will be better than his family and they will be together. Forever.
    The idea of him being abandoned by his mother as a child is one that stuck with Onyx greatly as he grew up. The idea that he was left because he was not wanted is always nagging him in the back of his mind, and if it happened again he would be crushed.
    Having almost hit it before, Onyx is terrified with the idea of bankruptcy and the likely terrible days of shady dealings and debt that follow. To hit this would mean to give up on Clara's treatment. He cannot let this happen.
    More of an instinctual thing than anything due to his heritage, Onyx cannot stand being underground for long periods of time. If made to, he will likely become skittish and likely to become irritable if stuck for long periods of time.

    Onyx Blackbourne 54DQ57H

    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 110lbs
    Hair Color: Gray
    Eye Color: Light Gray
    Skin Tone: Pale White
    Overall Appearance:
    Onyx's Appearance:
    Onyx Blackbourne Latest?cb=20151005203641

    Onyx Blackbourne Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council: Angelic Devil
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Located on the left forearm, colored a lime green.
    Rin Moriyama

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    Onyx Blackbourne Empty Re: Onyx Blackbourne

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:47 pm

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