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    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:07 pm

    Pets of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Here at Fairy Tail Boundless, any wizard can have a partner or companion known as a pet. These pets fall under three types.

    Combat Pets
    These pets are ones who are born to be fighters. They live to fight on the battle field alongside their owners.
    -Can participate in battle
    -Can die in battle
    -Have combative abilities
    -Must be tamed by its owner

    Taming/Training rules for combat pets:

    Combat pets, are normally very powerful and sometimes uncontrollable. Therefore, depending on their rank, they will need to be tamed through training. The amount of training one must do in order to tame their combat pet, will, again, be based on the rank of that pet.

    D rank: No training needed
    C rank: 5 posts, 205 words min
    B rank: 10 posts, 210 words min
    A rank: 15 posts, 215 words min
    S rank: 20 posts, 220 words min

    Supportive Pets
    Supportive pets are pets that can offer support off the battle field such as healing, recon, mental and emotional support as well.
    -Cannot participate in battle
    -Have supportive abilities

    Known to be the companions of slayers, these creatures hail from the land of Extalia in the parallel world of Edolas. They have a magic called Aera, which gives them the ability to fly.
    -Can participate in battle
    -No one other than slayers may have one
    -Can die in battle
    -Can grow 10x their normal size for combat reasons
    -Can carry up to one person at a time in or outside battle

    At each rank, combat and support pets have a certain number of abilities.

    Combative Abilities for Combat Pets
    D rank: 4 spells
    C rank: 3 spells
    B rank: 3 spells
    A rank: 2 spells
    S rank: 1 spell

    Supportive Abilities for Support Pets
    D rank: 4 spells
    C rank: 3 spells
    B rank: 3 spells
    A rank: 2 spells
    S rank: 1 spell

    Everyone may start off with one free D rank combat or support pet.( Only slayers may start off with an exceed)

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