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    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Sun Sep 11, 2016 1:26 am

    NPC System

    Here at Fairy Tail Boundless, we have NPCS or Non-player Characters.

    There are three different types of NPCS.

    First Type: Job NPCS

    These particular NPCS are ones you will only encounter in a certain job. They are randomly generated into a job thread post through the use of the 'Encounter Dice'.

    Second Type: Site/World NPCS
    These NPCS are created by the founder and or other members of staff for purposes such as; site plot development, events, or to fill in certain positions temporarily until an actual player character comes along to fill it. Keep in mind, that Site/World NPCS do have the use of being made a job boss for the higher ranked jobs like S and SS.

    Third Type: Player Made/Controlled NPCS
    These are often in the form of pets bought from the official pet shop. However, you can purchase a blank NPC doll from the Official Magic Shop. With it, you can create your own NPC to have as a partner. Think of it as being a second you.

    Please Note: Any and all NPCS must follow magic and character creation rules. NO EXCEPTIONS. This also includes site/world NPCS.
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