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    Jack Frost

    Jack Frost

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    Jack Frost

    Post by Jack Frost on Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:30 am

    Name: Jack Frost
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23 in appearance | 1967 in real age
    Date of Birth: 14th of September
    Race: Ice Spectre: Ice Spectres are restless spirits who were killed in a cold, snowy or icy weather. They may only rest once they have confronted their killer and/or a descendant of their killer. They can presume a normal life, but will feel uneasy and will have endless thoughts about their killer. They are completely solid.
    Racial Traits:
    Spectral Season
    - He has an innate ability to resist the cold. This means reduced damage from Ice magics, feeling nothing in a blizzard, etc. It is reduced by two ranks at most.
    Sneaky Frozen Stature
    - He can turn himself into ice, snow, and water at will and back. Whenever he is standing near water and/or swimming in water, he can use it to camouflage. He will remain in the shape of his body, just simply made of snow, ice or water. If he is ever found, he can reform himself onto land. He can only stress this as far as 4 posts, and then he has to revert to his spectral form. Though he only uses this as an emergency.

    Personality: Jack is a bit naive, usually thinking he is going to be on top of the world. He thinks of himself as sort of a “peasant who will become a king.” Technically, he sorta already is. He is a real big smartass and corrects the people who slip up with even the slightest of an error. He is generally a nice guy though, helping or counselling people with any problems they might have. He does not have a filter, so he simply blurts out the truth. Whenever he can be alone, he conflicts with himself about everything wrong with him, so he knows about his imperfections. If anyone calls out his problems, he'd simply say, "Perfection is overrated." His attitude towards people he doesn't know or just assholes in general are ice cold. He will be cruel towards them, and if they can prove they are worthy of receiving his trust, he will. He is summarized as a male kuudere, even maybe soulless. "Oh well." he would say.

    In battle, the man is a beast. He disregards all allies and does everything on his own. From impromptu strategizing, sneak up jobs to complete all out assault, he is a lone wolf. Nothing will get in his way, he will overcome it or die trying. And well, he doesn't exactly want to die twice. He prefers blanketing the situation and then immediately charging for it head on. If someone ever plans on working with him (which is an extremely rare occasion) and decides to not plan ahead, he will think they are extremely idiotic. But, of course, he knows when to follow your gut when you need to. From other people's perspective, he would be called reckless, for him, he calls it being "a tad bit strategic." Overall, he's a simple person with a couple of flaws.
    Being Hungry
    Feeling Cold
    Staying Awake for too long/staying up late
    To rest his soul
    To meet his murderer's reincarnation and confront them
    To leave the world in peace
    Being unable to rest his soul
    Dying twice

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Hair Color: Snow White
    Eye Color: Sea Blue
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Overall Appearance:

    Guild/Council: Angelic Devil
    Guild/Council Tattoo: His cheek, ice blue
    Boundless Webmaster

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    Re: Jack Frost

    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:30 am

    completed and approved

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