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    Post by Alvah Ezhno on Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:20 pm

    Alvah Ezhno Ci6FDl2

    Alvah Ezhno QU4y9L5


    Alvah Ezhno.


    Very old.

    Date of Birth:
    December 15th.

    ( Dragon // Human )

    Racial Traits:

    Extended Lifespan
    Because half of him comes directly from a dragon, he is granted this racial perk of living much longer than most humans. This of course, does not make him immortal in anyway. He can still die from sickness or severe wounds, though managing to evade all of this could lead towards a very very long life. Alvah will continue to age, though much more slowly than the rest of his human friends. It could take aeons before he finally succumbs to lastly being considered something of elderly nature.

    Enhanced Strength
    Unlike those of normality, Alvah is much stronger which is surprising regarding the fact he is usually smaller than most. This was one of the reasons why most were so used to misunderstanding him, eventually discovering the truth in the fact that not everything was as it seemed. Strength is not the only trait he has. The enhancement goes in addition with smell and hearing. Though is nose is much stronger than his ears, making it easier for him to make out danger based on its scent.


    To Alvah, first impressions are always important. And he does well to fool others into thinking that he is the kind and caring balancer that he should be. Though that is the complete opposite. A mere charade into deceiving others only to betray them or hurt them all at the end of his plans. This all is not for fun though— there was a time that Alvah used to be all about peace and balance. It is his painful lack of trust in others that induces this behaviour. He has never encountered betrayal before, though the fact that he knows of its existence frightens him. This has caused him to strongly avoid it by either betraying others, or not getting close to anyone; which led to his eventual fear of falling in love. He will of course never forsake anyone that has aligned himself with his guild, and if he does so, it is sneaky and mostly without notice. In most cases, it is hard to confront the blonde when all evidence has usually been erased.

    He secretly believes that he is insignificant, willing to take on blames, no matter how large, to keep those around him happy and hopefully normal. Even though, taking on the stress and hurt onto his own self for the sake of others only hurts those who are aware of his true intentions, he sees no need to burden over any of it. To him balance is balance. If he has to take verbal harm from others to keep things right, or end up hurting them himself, he truly does not mind. Others may think otherwise in these situations, though his way of thinking ( good or not ) as always managed to solve most events that take place. Though he rarely becomes enraged, members are well aware of the fact that the dragon within his blood would throttle him into an unstoppable temper. Others may or may not become aware of that fact if they manage to anger him.

    Despite his so called twisted attitude he has evidently been exposed with unveiling sparks of kindness underneath his exterior, shown in multiple cases and methods he goes through for the lengths of protecting other people ( mainly with his guild-members ). However, this always seems to end in the case of only getting himself hurt, shattering relationships or harming his own emotional heart with nothing but a cheery smile to conceal it. But, he is mostly self-oriented, and hence, he is not bothered by anything as long as those somewhat close to him, do not get hurt, and he reaches his desired results. It is not likely for him to grow close with anybody outside his guild, unless they are beneficial or useful to him in some way. He may act like he is your friend, and treat you kindly; giving you advice and such. But, in reality you are nothing more than a pawn on the board of his game.

    Though his intentions can seemingly be good, most people disagree with his actions. Such as stabbing a friend in the back, quite literally. Or purposely degrading someone for his own benefits. Alvah would even believe, depending on the circumstances, that wiping out an entire country would prove better for the world. He would even go as far as to harm his own "friends" if they’d try to get in his way. This wicked and almost frightening demeanour is still to this day an unknown change that occurred when he was just a child. The fact that it has managed to stick around for so long may be due to the fact that his passed mentor did not discourage it. Therefore Alvah has been prone to killing those of both the light and dark alignment, especially if he thinks they'll end up being nothing but trouble in the future. Thankfully none have managed to gather evidence on these array of events, leaving Alvah and his guild as entirely innocent.

    In the heat of battle, Alvah often tends to avoid anything that can lead to violence, though when urged to get involved he is a merciless and calculating individual. He doesn't speak often unless he is truly irked, especially if someone has harmed his members in anyway. Though, most of the time he lets others endeavour to strike him first, tiring them out before he finally makes a move. He is often nimble and quick, more graceful with countering the attacks of others, rather than swinging his blade around. Most of the time he likes to tease or upset his opponents, wanting them to lose their calm state of mind in the hope that again, they'll tire themselves out. Alvah does not murder just anyone, so regardless if you're in a battle with him the fact that you'll die or not is uncertain. After all the blonde is extremely unpredictable and could change his mind in a matter of seconds.

    ๑ Herbal tea.
    ๑ Instrumental music (specifically the piano).
    ๑ When plans go his way.
    ๑ Gullible people.  
    ๑ Idiots.
    ๑ Testing and playing with others.
    ๑ Mystery novels.
    ๑ Cakes.
    ๑ Solving riddles.
    ๑ The colour green.

    ๑ Coffee.
    ๑ Loud obnoxious people.
    ๑ Those who hurt his guild-members.
    ๑ Being confronted.
    ๑ Being told he’s wrong.
    ๑ Spicy food.
    ๑ Small spaces.
    ๑ Fire.
    ๑ Being the center of attention.
    ๑ Unnecessary violence.

    ๑ Keeping everything balanced.
    ๑ Finding the one who murdered his father.
    ๑ To stop racism against his kind.
    ๑ Remembering those early-childhood memories.
    ๑ Contributing to orphanages so children can find homes.
    ๑ To rid Fiore of its tainted government.

    ๑ Small dark spaces.
    ๑ Dragon Slayers (secretly).
    ๑ Being confined or without freedom.
    ๑ Betrayal.
    ๑ Falling in love.
    ๑ The feeling of being burned by fire.
    ๑ Death.


    Height: 5'5" (165cm)
    Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
    Hair Color: Dirty blonde.
    Eye Color: Sky blue.
    Skin Tone: Healthy Pale.
    Overall Appearance:

    Human Form:

    Alvah Ezhno Qgz8AtD

    Alvah has a very feminine appeal to him, often being mistaken for a woman at first and then later corrected on that matter. He has very messy, yet wavy locks of blonde that reach just to the centre of his back. The majority of his bangs cover over the left of his face, one hardly having the chance to see that other eye ( as if its some sort of secret ). He also has a very slender and muscular build, smaller than most males though a definite force to be reckoned with. There is a distinct notice in his smile, which appears relatively more toothy than that of a normal human-like one. This is what is usually regarded in the fact that a half of him is not human.

    Dragon Form:

    Alvah Ezhno WoJL3Pg

    Often times this appearance does not come to the surface. It is hardly shown to others immediately, and if not is used in difficult situations. Sometimes it comes to surface when he is starting to become angry. His hair will change to a shade of silverish blue, increasing in its length till it reaches to the centre of his calves. A pair of small smooth horns will grow out from his forehead, a larger set spanning back against his skull. Additionally he does have large wings and a very long tail that match the shade of his hair. This form is often brought to the surface not only when he is angry, but within the mode of dragon force.


    Guild/Council: Angelic Devil.
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Centre middle of back (shade of silver).

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    Post by Rin Moriyama on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:58 pm

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