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    Post by Askari on Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:58 pm

    JEWELS (W.I.P.) E34MaWf

    Name:(First, Last)
    Age:150 years old
    Date of Birth:Feb 15
    Race:Demi God of War
    Racial Traits:
    As offspring of the war god Akasri has incredible martial abilities with an extensive knowledge of combat, as well as, superior strength and overall physical prowess. As a Demi God he has the ability to increase his physical prowess by 2.5. When displaying this trait Askari muscle mass increases.
    JEWELS (W.I.P.) 4AsRYFb

    Personality:Askari believes the most important thing in the world is jewels. He would do anything to gain jewels. He understand that every mage must do jobs to get jewels, however Askari is the type of mage who enjoys taking from others. The adrenaline pumps up so much that is arouses him. His most favorite thing about jewels is he that he can pay other mages to war with others. It makes him feel confident when can pay a mage to hurt others for him. With his sick loving of killing for jewels Askari likes to test how far some one would go for jewels. He loves to offer women jewels for what he calls favors. Askari would also sell things for jewels.

    Askari is a collector of things that dose not belong to him. He builds his collection by stealing things from others. He loves to steal things by force and instilling fear into people. He loves to take woman clothing such as underwear and bra. He often strips any woman he defeats in battle to better humiliate her. His  most favorite target is celestial wizards he loves to take their keys hoping to mock their magic and also dose this to mages using holder magic. Askari also loves to take body parts of all those he kill. He often makes his clothing from collection.

    Combat can be come very deadly. Unlike most mages Askari focus more on the concepts of hand to hand combat. He focus most of life turning his body into a weapon. Being up his strength. He believes that strength is need to take a person life. He often goes for one hit kos to display his God like natures. Through out his life he study how to strike organs and vital points. He takes no hesitation in the chance to kill a person with his bear hands.
    Likes:(3 Minimum)
    Dislikes:(3 Minimum)
    Motivations:(3 Minimum)
    Fears:(3 Minimum)

    JEWELS (W.I.P.) 54DQ57H

    Height:(Height of your character. In feet and inches)
    Weight:(Weight of your character. In pounds)
    Hair Color:(Color of your character's hair.)
    Eye Color:(Color of your character's eyes)
    Skin Tone:(Color of your character's skin)
    Overall Appearance:(Physical and Clothing, pictures alone are acceptable but make sure to put them in spoilers)

    JEWELS (W.I.P.) Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council:(Name of the guild your character is in or just put guildless)
    Guild/Council Tattoo: (Where is your guild/council tattoo located and what color is it?)

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