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    The City After Dark [Private;Alvah] Empty The City After Dark [Private;Alvah]

    Post by Xendas on Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:37 pm

    Pitter patter, pitter patter. . .

    It had been raining outside. Droplets of rain racing each other down all the windows, all reflecting the light of nearby buildings of Illuminatos Streets. It was quite a beautiful sight, for something so simple. The gentle pounding of rain outside set a very relaxing mood, young men and women on dates here and there, lit candles in the middle of each of their tables. It had been 'Couples' Night' at Rita's Grill & Bar, where any couple had any meal half off. It was amazing how few pairs there were, as pleasant jazz music played in the background. Happy Hour ended about half an hour ago, and all that was left was this silent atmosphere. In about one hour, the restaurant would close. But in fifteen minutes would be the end of his night shift. Who's night shift, one may ask? Elie Xendas's shift. A young man with olive skin, and chocolate locks with red highlights that go down to the neck. He had rich golden eyes and stood at a solid six feet and two inches. He was quite attractive.

    Elie went around the room with a platter full of dirty dishes abandoned by customers who had already left. He wore his normal uniform, except the extra shirt over his shirt, and instead wore a long sleeved collared shirt and a black, gold buttoned vest with a thin white apron wrapped around his waste. He looked quite formal. Quietly, he made his way to the next table, which was occupied by two lovey dovey partners. One with short brown hair, white skin and generally looked like he was in high school. The girl, about the same, except shorter and had long blonde hair with bright blue eyes. She wore a frilly pink dress and generally attempted to make her sex appeal Grade A. How lovely, but yet how unwanted.

    Elie made it to their table and leaned down with a lax smile, but still very sweet. "Excuse me, we'll be closing in one hour. If it's not too much trouble...?" Elie bobbed his head towards the exit. The young man laughed and nodded.

    "Oh, yeah, of course. Me and my sweeheart,," The girl giggled, "will be leaving now. Isn't that right, sweetpea?

    "Why of course, honeybunch." She blushed and leaned over the table to hold his hand. The two bid their farewells and left the money on the table, along with a tip. It was only five bucks. How disappointing, but he took it. The restaurant was now occupied only by staff and a few other customers who had been here or just arrived for a quick meal, or to meet up with friends and family. The hour seemed long, but he could hear his older peers chatter about a 'party' in the back, the clanking of alcohol bottles clanking together.

    Elie placed the tray onto a cart full of other trays, and left it there for someone else to take care of. He retreated to behind he bar counter and proceeded to quietly dry the glasses with his white rag, silently lost in thought.


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    Post by Alvah Ezhno on Sat Oct 01, 2016 7:26 pm

    "you know i'm bad, i'm bad, i'm really really bad"

    584 words
    excuse mah lateness
    It was later in the evening. The outside was casted by a refreshing chill that urged those to quickly move into the inner warmth of their homes. The familiar night-owls wandering about with their thick coats adorned like seeming on-and-off decorations. Sweltering days of heat had gradually begun to dwindle into the approach of an almost seeming Fall; violent torrent of winds supposedly held off for the time being.

    This was a season of comfort. Where those that dwelled in this often altering country had the pleasure of experiencing different climates. In this one in particular; thickly layered clothes and warm boots was something joyous. The smell of hot chocolate and baked goods. Though Alvah enjoyed everything that the years had to offer him, there was something that struck him differently with the colder weather. He couldn't entirely place a specific reason out there, but perhaps it was the scent of snow.

    White had not fallen yet, and it would take some time before it could. Though with those that could catch a whiff in vast distances, could clearly grasp the hesitant beginning. It was a refreshing and distinct smell. It was clear and notable, like the scent of rain that would approach within an advancing storm. It almost acted as if some sort of warning, or in other ways a simple sign.

    But, that moment was brief. For the time being Alvah had been engrossed in other matters; quite forcibly. He wasn't one to often stay in town. He'd come and go before anyone had a chance to stop him. In this case that fact went by as untrue; the lady, the owner, halting him from his attempt at retreat. Rita. A lovely young woman. At the same time there were many other things he could've said about her, though, those remained as mere thoughts. Being to honest wouldn't have gotten him a free meal.

    Yes; she had stopped him with the persistency to at least have something to eat before he decided to vanish quickly into the outskirts of shadowed woods. Not that he minded. Though it may have not appeared so, volunteering to work with children was rather tiring in comparison to watching over young adults. It lasted the majority of today with nothing but measly snacks and quick sips of water to gift him energy before he was finally granted the freedom to leave.

    "I don't even have much energy to leave..." he'd mumble with a quiet and almost playful tone, exaggerated on the exhaust as he picked away on the last few pieces of his meal. Most of the customers - being couples - were beginning to leave, causing the fairly large place to grow distinctly quiet, the faint sounds of laughter in the back barely greeting his ears as he'd continue to eat. There was still someone close by; a waiter? Blue irises curiously glimpsed towards the other male, examining his fetching tanned-skin and visible tattoo.

    "Hey, you." Alvah called. Hopefully his voice was audible enough, they were the only pair by the bar. He'd rest his arms against the wooden surface, eyeing the other with an impish look crossed over his features. "What's your name?" it was truly unknown if this was a case of boredom or a desire to start something new. The blonde was always good at identifying the useful and the useless. Wether the other suited in either category remained a complete mystery. At the moment Alvah was more misled by his strange scent.


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