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    Official Magic Shop

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    Official Magic Shop

    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:20 pm

    Magic Shop of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Here is the shop to purchase to purchase things such as, extra spell slots, lacrimas, and etc.

    Extra Primary Spell Slot Prices:

    D Rank: 10,000 Jewels
    C Rank: 30,000 Jewels
    B Rank: 50,000 Jewels
    A Rank: 70,000 Jewels
    S Rank: 90,000 Jewels

    Extra Secondary Spell Slot Prices:

    D Rank: 20,000 Jewels
    C Rank: 40,000 Jewels
    B Rank: 60,000 Jewels
    A Rank: 80,000 Jewels
    S Rank: 100,000 Jewels

    Slayer Lacrima Prices:

    Dragon Slayer Lacrima: 500,000 Jewels
    Devil and God Slayer Lacrima: 1,000,000 Jewels

    Blank NPC Doll Prices:

    Human Child NPC: 5,000 Jewels
    Human Teen/Adolescence NPC: 10,000 Jewels
    Human Adult NPC: 15,000 Jewels
    Custom Race Child NPC: 30,000 Jewels
    Custom Race Teen/Adolescence NPC: 35,000 Jewels
    Custom Race Adult NPC: 40,000 Jewels

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