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    Post by Hope on Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:10 am

    Name: Next (Nex) Hope
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37 (looks 18 -19)
    Date of Birth: January 1
    Race: Cursed Child, a race of modified human beings with the use of forbidden magic and rituals. These children where made to soldiers and weapons. Each child obtains miraculous abilities that range from super strength and psychic powers.  
    Racial Traits: Due to a failed illegal magical experimentation Nex has been cursed, his curse allows him to see in the dark (however his eyes are now sensitive to sunlight, that's why he usually wears sunglasses during the day. Bright lights do not effect Nex in any negative way, it just makes him fell uncomfortable.) He can also phase through inanimate objects however, he cannot phase through any objects made out of magic, meaning he can still be cut, damaged and touched by magical weapons, physical attacks clad in magic etc.(This ability requires no mp, this ability also cannot be used when Nex is using his magic.) The curse has also given Nex immortality, he does not age but he can still be "Killed." The curse has also leaves him with a child like appearance (when he is not using his magic), as a result when Nex is just walking about, he normally is in his Chibi form, meaning he's about 2'5" small and adorable. Nex uses this Chibi form so that he would not scare away the little children in the guild. Nex's poofs into his chibi form in a cloud of fluffy white glittery smoke. When Nex returns to his normal form, a bolt of black lightning strikes Nex in his chibi form. As soon as the dusts settles Nex could be seen back to his normal form, note, the lightning does no damage to Nex or anyone around him, it's merely for show and intimidation. (See chibi form in bellow)

    Personality:Nex is a kind charming person. He is often aloof and absent minded as if always off in his own little world. He rarely gets angry and is almost always presenting a calm demeanor. Nex is open minded and is not quick to judge people. He is quick to trust and put faith on those he calls his comrades and friends. Nex is an awkward butterball that's a complete sucker for romantics and adventure. He has a terrible case of wanderlust and has a bad habit of roaming around and getting himself in crazy situations. Often time dubbed as the class clown and comic relief, Nex is open to being the butt of the joke. Never really taking things seriously and always enjoying his time, Nex does his best to find the good in everything, to go out of his way to help those in need. Nex's knees go weak and his palms get sweaty, when he sees a good looking girl, one way to describe Nex is with four simple words: "The Thirst Is Real". Despite this Nex is mature enough to keep it in his pants, and respect someones space. All Nex wants is someone to love and spend his life with.

    In battle Nex is generally a pacifist and hates fighting, often times he does his best to surrender and make lame excuses to avoid fights. However when shit hits the fan Nex's persona drastically changes. He becomes graceful, tactical, and ruthless. He is not afraid to play dirty and to even kill when the need arises. Nex has a deep desire for bloodlust and once awakened he will stop at nothing to tear his opponent apart. As a leader of a party, he often times takes place as the alpha, a leader that people can trust and rely on. Even as a subordinate Nex is loyal and brave, he is incredibly flexible and is always ready to work with his teammates in order to attain victory.
    - Tea and Sweets
    - Napping
    - Fairy Tail
    - Boring Meetings
    - Paper Work
    - Bright lights
    - To protect Fairy Tail
    - To find a significant other that will accept him for who he is
    - Meet new friends and allies
    - Bills and Debt
    - Nex fears that he is not strong enough to protect those he cares about
    - Nex is afraid of being alone

    Height: Chibi form: 2'5" Normal height: 5'11"
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Hair Color: black
    Eye Color: The whites of his eyes are black, his irises are blood red )
    Skin Tone: Very pale
    Overall Appearance:

    Full Size Nex:

    Chibi Nex:

    Guild/Council: Fairy Tail
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Black and red on his left Shoulder

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    Re: Hope

    Post by Sebastian Gremory on Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:02 pm

    Approved ^0^


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