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    Henrex Astillon: The Silent One [FINISHED]


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    Henrex Astillon: The Silent One [FINISHED]

    Post by Henrex on Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:41 pm


    Henrex Astillon

    The Silent One
    One Thousand Minus Seven

    "Never trust anyone too much. Remember that the devil was once an angel.
    -Ken Kaneki"

    Name: Henrex Astillon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: September 13th
    Race: Halfling: Demon/Human (Ghoul)
    Racial Traits:

    Anatomy: The anatomy of a ghoul is most certainly a strange one. Instead of a normal system, the demonic blood that resides within their cells and their blood seems to corrupt and change their system, with some young Ghouls often seen with the twin sides of them, human and demon, fighting for dominance. However, one with true balance, such as Henrex, is able to have a system that flows near perfectly with the twin DNA that runs through his body. Before we get in depth on Henrex, let's talk about the entirety of a Ghoul's anatomy. Dull. Weakened. Bland. Those are all good words to describe a Ghoul's anatomy, as well as a specific item on them: their taste buds. Ghouls do not exactly taste things the same way as humans do.

    While the currently extinct full-blooded Demon Ghouls could not even so much as lick human food without their bodies rejecting it, half-blooded ghouls are normally much more flexible with their diets. Half-blooded Ghouls can normally eat human foods in a bit of an adjusted schedule, which would most likely be two meals a day, rather than three. However, food doesn't taste the same. It tastes dull, bland, just a bit off from being entirely tasteless.This is why Henrex often times refuses random foods being given to him, or extra meals. His body simply can't take it. If he were to consume a large amount of human food, it could be detrimental to his health, or, if eaten far to much to be even considered overeating for a Ghoul, it could very well kill him. However, there are very, very minimal foods that Henrex's body can digest/fully consume without being sick.

    However, there must be something that Ghouls must be able to eat normally, can't they? Well, that is half true, and half false. While he cannot eat normal human foods as well as normal humans can, there is two things that his anatomy will allow him to eat with satisfaction. What are these two things? Blood, and human flesh. Why these two? Well, with a certain enzyme being active and present within Henrex's body, his body had to create something from his demon side that would grant him something, so that he would not end up starving to death. While the two items that he can eat are the only thing, he has to be careful not to consume too much of them. Why is this? Well, if a Ghoul ends up consuming a large amount of it, it will start to cause their minds to become addicted to it, and eventually begin binge eating. So, while this does give him subsistence, he must be careful. If he overdoes it, it could lead him to going even more mad than he already is.

    Kakugan (Red Eye): The Kakugan is more so the "link" that identifies and reveals a Ghoul. While most of the extinct form of Ghoul had two red irises, and black scleras, Henrex is a half blood. Therefore, only half of a Demon's blood is running through him, and only half of his body is affected by his Ghoul heritage. In short, only one of his irises turns red through the activation of his Kakugan. However, his constantly red eyes have a bit of backstory to them. In his past, Henrex didn't know how to control his Kakugan. As per such, he had his constantly active all the time, and this is what also lead to his "racial profiling" in his life. Everyone saw him as a freak for having such a deformity of an eye and scorned him.

    So, Henrex dedicated himself to controlling his eye, and eventually succeeded...partially. While he was not able to change his eye entirely, he was able to get rid of the black sclera that was there before, but not able to wipe out the red eye entirely. Not only that, he also did manage to find out out to reactivate his Kakugan. The way to do so? All he needs to do is activate his magic. However, there are multiple ways to do this. Not only can he activate his magic to do this, but the eye could also be activated through extreme emotional shifts, moods, or bursts of emotion and/or energy. This would cause the eye to have a fiery glow to it, with veins reaching all the way to his cheek.


    Out Of Combat

    Quiet/Reserved: The Ghoul known as Henrex Astillon is not exactly someone who tells you everything. In fact, this is mainly due to his own fear of what people would do if they found out what he was, what his history was, and what he can do with his magic energy. Even if he is locked in a room with someone else, shackled to a chair, forced to make eye contact, and ordered to speak, he would normally wait for someone else to speak for a good portion of time before speaking himself. Normally, during this time, he could be seen being very flustered, fidgety, and his eye would always seem to be moving around, focusing on anything other than the person he would speak to. Henrex is not, and has never been one for talking. He will most likely go to any lengths to avoiding conversation. Whether it be ignoring the person, refraining from answering something, or leaving the conversation and/or area in whole, he is not a talker.

    Cold: While Henrex is quiet and reserved, if you manage to get him talking, eighty percent of the time, you will soon wish you hadn't. Henrex is not exactly nice to people, especially those who insult him, act insolent, or simply work on his nerves long enough. This could be anyone, in complete honesty. If your a friend, ally, enemy, it doesn't matter. If you irritate him, or force him to talk, he will give you no mercy from the words that are as sharp as blades. When he speaks, he normally speaks with little care of one's feelings, often speaking in words that are entirely meant to hurt someone and make them know how he really feels. Normally, when he speaks, he is extremely harsh, cruel, and often times downright brutal. He truly does not care if he hurts someone when he speaks. It's a small price to pay for irritating him.

    Distant: Normally, if one were to see Henrex in public, you would not get very close to him in terms of physically touching. He rarely will allow anyone to even touch him in the slightest. The slightest poke, flick, or even seductive touch will cause one of many reactions. Each reaction is different with each action placed upon him or his body. If one were to simply poke him or flick him, he would normally just scoff and walk away to gain some distance from someone. If someone were to touch him in a sexually inviting way, or even a hand on the shoulder, Henrex would most likely attack within the first few moments of the action taking place. If someone touching him for longer than a second, that's when he not only starts to get nervous and flustered, but also irritated that someone has gotten that close to him.

    However, not all of this is the full definition of his distant nature. This is also his lack of wanting to be around people. Since Henrex doesn't really have a real "home", he tends to just stay in alleyways, calling the isolation his home. However, it goes even deeper than that. The reason that Henrex keeps his distance from others is because of who he is, his race, and his previous experience with people who knew his race, upon other information. Henrex is not exactly cold and harsh because it's who he is in nature, but rather, is who he is when he has the mask that covers his face, and hides himself from others, and his past. The last time that someone knew about him, he ended up with years inside a cold room, with nothing but a single phrase to repeat and keep him sane. He is afraid of having that happen again, and will do anything to prevent it from happening again.

    Schizophrenic: Henrex's mind...is not normal. With the mask, without it, in combat, out of it, his mind is not a normal one. While it does completely mean that he is insane, he does have a mental condition that causes him to see very vivid auditory and visual hallucinations. This is a mental condition known as schizophrenia. These illusions do not happen all the time, nor do they last for an extremely long period of time. Henrex does not seem to suffer from the condition as badly as others do, but that does not mean he does not suffer at all. He most certainly does. If Henrex ended up going into a schizophrenic episode, he would most likely end up isolating himself away from others in fear, with his crimson eye small, and darting around like a scared rabbit. He normally sees visions of his past, and it's never the good ones. Always the bad memories, causing him to act more like his unmasked persona, merely because of how real the visions seem to be to him. It is possible to talk him out of these hazes, but normally, it will take a while.

    In Combat

    Ruthless: If one were to face Henrex in combat, they may have a hard time finding any weak points, or finding anywhere to attack at all. When he enters combat, Henrex is by no means defenseless, scared, or unwilling to fight. If he must fight, then he must. However, he does not take it easy on his opponent. He will fight with every last drop of energy and strength that resides in his body. Distractions do not work on him, as if he is focused on his opponent, he will continue attacking. Even if you throw him to the ground and break and arm, he'll keep getting back up and fighting. If he is fighting someone, and it is not a sparring session or something of that nature, and the fight is meant to be to the death, then he will do just that. Henrex is not someone to take lightly, within battle, or even outside it.

    Cruel: If you believed that he was cruel normally, you would not want to be in combat with him. While he is very cold, harsh, and oftentimes heartless towards others, combat is around ten times worse. He already cares little to none for other's lives, so, in combat, his mind truly reaches out towards the very limits of his cruelty and his near insanity. If he pins you down, or if he merely gets you into a tight position, he will play a game with you. Often using moves and methods  that would resemble or be on the very edge of BEING torture to make his opponents suffer, he will force people to count in strange ways, and this could be in any format. Count upwards in incriminates of seven, count down in the same fashion, it really is random. If you are in combat, prepare for a very, very bad time.


    Fearful: If one were to remove the mask that Henrex constantly wears, you would be surprised at his reaction. For one, he immediately changes. Instead of being the cold, heartless boy that he was before, he quickly becomes a lot more fearful, often retreating away from someone and hiding his face. While he has no visible deformities upon his face, he still hides his face. Oftentimes, he will seem to act mute as well, never saying anything aside from making small sounds that would occasionally seem forced. After everything that has happened to him in his past, fearful is most certainly a word that one could use to describe what he is after his mask is removed.

    Shy: Much like his fearful part, Henrex is even more quite and reserved than he was before, often refusing to look at someone, or even refusing to speak, as said before. The pale cheeks of the boy would normally tinge red, and he would become quite flustered and embarrassed with himself after something like a mask removal were to happen. He can also be seen to be very fidgety, often messing around his hands, or even summoning a bit of Magic Energy to play with on his hands while he uncomfortably sits within the most often thing that comes from his mask being removed. Silence.

    -Cracking his knuckles...randomly.
    -The colors black, blue, and green

    -Large Crowds

    -His own sense of justice

    -Burning Alive

    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 152 lbs.
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Crimson Red Iris, Black Sclera (Right), Grey (Left)
    Skin Tone: Ghostly Pale
    Overall Appearance:

    Noticeable Feature: A large, black scar on his midsection, diagonally from shoulder to waist. Can be seen with many layers of dried blood, and very, very old stitches from when the initial wound was made. No pain can normally be felt from this area on his body, as due to the age of the scar and everything around it.



    Guild/Council: Angelic Devil
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Left Eye (Color: Ice Blue)


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    Re: Henrex Astillon: The Silent One [FINISHED]

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:32 pm


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