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    Post by Alvah Ezhno on Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:42 pm



    Welcome newcomers!

    What you see before you, is not one with the light or the dark. We associate ourselves in both, but are never truly loyal to one. For light cannot live without the dark, and the dark cannot live without the light. If you know of this, your heart and mind are wise and aware of what the world will forever linger upon. We are the ones that stand in the middle. We do what we please, but with respect and thought before our actions. We are unpredictable; if a threat makes itself known to the thin line of balance, we shall not hesitate to enact upon that force. Light or dark. Neither are foe and neither are friend, though we shall always appear as if their existence is something of a joyous nature to us. Be not hesitant, dear traveler, though be wary of your behaviour. Strength is not everything to this alignment of symmetry, we welcome the different and the unique. But, oh, be wary, be wary. To become one of both, you must first know what it is like to become a monster. You must be willing enough to place yourself within either to keep still the balance that nearly hangs by a thread.

    . . .

    This foundation is the oldest guild around. It had originally been created by the current Master's adoptive father; Edwin. He was a peace-loving man, but extremely unpredictable at times. The guild associates themselves with many alignments ( good or bad ), though they have always had trouble at times when they seemed to have a habit of betraying those that they had swore their loyalty too. In the end though, the guild always managed to avoid getting caught in bloody situations, or wrapped in matters with the government. Till this day, they are still a sneaky and erratic group of people. Most have either deemed them as harmless or dangerous, as their ideas about balance can change in mere moments from simple disputes to quickly getting rid of their problem by murder. The Master is known to have a devious and manipulative personality, often using people for his own benefits in order to further help the world find balance. Though once you wield his emblem across your flesh, you are more than a tool to use. But another addition in this vast group of family.


    Take a step inside. . .


    By the title of Goldenbane, it is a small section of land that rests in the depths of forest. More specifically within Worth Woodsea. It is surrounded by a vast amount of rivers and an array of mountainous ridges that make this section of land well hidden. To witness this area is practically impossible unless you are able to take flight within the sky. Even then its presence is not notable within the consistent pattern of trees and winding streams. This land is heavily watched over by those non-living and living. Those that have trespassed by accident are often guided back onto their correct paths before wandering over any scare sections of land. This particular rift of Goldenbane is scattered by structures ( big and small ), that give shelter to weapons, training facilities, bath houses, and much more. Though the kitchen and rooms for members specifically rest in the main guild hall.

    . . .

    Typically most guests are welcome into this place if they have managed to discover it. Their alignment does not matter, though it may to some of the members but, there is a strict order not to attack those unless they strike first. Or unless they have already been informed as no longer being welcome in Goldenbane. This place is often one of freedom, there being not many rules aside from no such acts of violence unless absolutely necessary. More blood being spilled across this land would further prove to ruin the lengthened harmony it has held so far. As it was guessed upon the fact that the spirits that once dwelled in this mountainous terrain greatly frowned on the idea of their being anymore death where their bodies now rest. Though members will strive to keep actions of assault elsewhere, they will do what is needed to protect their homes. Those will be warned swiftly if done otherwise.

    NOTE: Goldenbane is only accessible by traveling within water (e.g. the rivers).

    Entrance / Lobby:

    A relatively large area. There are many tables and comfortable cushioned chairs scattered about for guests to take a seat, or for members to sit back and relax. Two rooms are on either side of the staircase that leads upstairs to the second and third floor; the second leading outside where you have more access to explore or admire the beautiful stretch of land. The lobby and/or entrance is somewhat worn with age, though has been kept in good shape and evidently flawless of its design.

    Left Room:

    The forge. A room accessible only to members. This is where you may discard old weapons or store them away if they are not useful at the time. It is also where you can add additional touches to your weapon or make one yourself. There is a small second floor where many materials can be found. It is relatively always a dusty and dirty room and often smells of smoke after melting and reshaping iron. The second floor and stairs is made entirely of wood, though is hefty enough not to have broken so far..

    Right Room:

    The pharmacy. This room is accessible by guests and members. There is often somebody behind the counter there to watch over the room. Typically it has been Alvah so far, though it may be anyone else he finds to have the free time while heading elsewhere. There are many potions and herbs that could typically help with anything ( e.g. sickness / wounds ). Members are free to make something of their own and sell it here though they never need to buy anything, aside the guests that often come here for that reason. It has been known in unsupported rumours that the making and selling of poisons is given away to what may be incredibly dangerous guests ( at least in the eyes of Fiore's government ).

    2nd Floor Hallway:

    There is a long hallway that goes around in a complete circle. Large open sections of light come through on the outside where there is small decorative ponds in the shape of long thin-like cylinders that rest just next to these openings. There is one door in particular that remains heavily locked and is not granted access by anyone at all except for the Aces and the Master of the guild. Every other room is open for members to use as their own, already provided with beds, dressers and bathrooms. This area is decorated by much greenery and appears almost a bit more well-furnished than on the first floor.

    The Spring:

    This is accessible to the members only. It is used as what most call a "pool" though can be used for bathing and other things. This water comes directly from a spring down below so its waters are always warm. It is open all year round and rarely closes. Sometimes guests are allowed if they have been invited directly as a close-friend of one of the members or the Master. Surrounded by greenery and forest, it is somewhat sheltered by the trees though the rain always manages to get into the way.

    The Kitchen:

    One of the rooms along the hallway. It is without a door and is open to relatively everyone. Though there are a few members that seem to go in there more than often to sneak or steal the food from others. Most are free to make their own meals or make whatever they please for others. Everyone has much freedom in this somewhat large space as long as they don't destroy anything. Renovations and patching up what has already been worn of age would be terribly expensive.

    NOTE: More information will be added on later.


    Encounter with the Master. . .

    All Guild related topics and introductions go HERE


    Whom we befriend and whom we cast away. . .

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    Hellfire Legion
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