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    Post by Glasheart on Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:46 pm

    Eunos E34MaWf

    Name:(First, Last)
    Gender:(Male,Female,Transgender,Ambiguous Gender)
    Age:(How old is your character)
    Date of Birth:(Month and day only)
    Race:(You can be any race you like, just know that if its a custom race that no one has heard of before, you may be asked to give a brief description of what it is)
    Racial Traits:(You get two of these, but they MUST tie into your race AND they must follow all rules. [Ex. A fairy can fly x amount of feet high and can shrink down to 5 times smaller than their normal size.])

    Eunos 4AsRYFb

    Personality:(At least 300 words, 2 paragraphs. 1st paragraph is out of combat persona, 2nd paragraph is in combat persona. You may write more than one paragraph for either one or both but make sure to keep both personas separate.
    Likes:(3 Minimum)
    Dislikes:(3 Minimum)
    Motivations:(3 Minimum)
    Fears:(3 Minimum)

    Eunos 54DQ57H

    Height:(Height of your character. In feet and inches)
    Weight:(Weight of your character. In pounds)
    Hair Color:(Color of your character's hair.)
    Eye Color:(Color of your character's eyes)
    Skin Tone:(Color of your character's skin)
    Overall Appearance:(Physical and Clothing, pictures alone are acceptable but make sure to put them in spoilers)

    Eunos Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council:(Name of the guild your character is in or just put guildless)
    Guild/Council Tattoo: (Where is your guild/council tattoo located and what color is it?)

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