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    Post by Ceba on Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:28 am

    I met a lot of the current members on discord but, just formerly saying hi. I'm a YUNG GRILL of only sixteen, so just getting the whole "I'm not shipping or doing lewdrp with anyone" out on the table! It's for your safety and child abuse records, trust me. ANYWAYS. I mainly roleplay in videogames like WoW, Wildstar, and a few others. So this whole website RP with tons of unfamiliar rules and systems is VERY new to me, and I consider this hardcore. Laugh all you want, I don't care, this is my first experience with it. So don't make a little kid cry. Or I'm telling on you. *Points up at a dragon* That mama, she mad. Anyways. I'd like to say I'm an intermediate level writer with horrible dyslexia, so if sutff edns up leik thsi dotn mind me. Okay that was on purpose but you get the jist-alina. I like roleplaying characters around my age, so most likely they'll be kids for 2 real years. So keep your grubby shipping hands off 'em. :I I don't do shipping, it's stupid. Relationships IC have to be organic, or not at all with me, sorry. Not sorry. Anywaysss. My name is Vanessa and I have 11 small cats that i live with because my parents hate me and I live mostly alone except for my sister. So we're crazy cat ladies already. I like strawberry cake. I also ship Gray Fullbuster and Lyon because GAY. So. Yes.

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