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    IX. Job System Empty IX. Job System

    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:06 am

    Jobs of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Here at Fairy Tail Boundless, wizards take on jobs to earn jewels and experience. These jobs vary in difficulty and are divided into different ranks. These ranks will determine what you are rewarded with upon completion of a job. These rewards can include; jewels, experience, and sometimes rare items.

    All jobs must have at least 200 WC per post regardless of their rank. Although the higher ranked jobs might require a higher wc depending on the difficulty of the job.

    Jobs may be performed in teams of 4 members MAX. If you want to take on a job of higher rank, depending on the rank of the job you want to go on, you will need at least one to two mages of higher rank.(this excludes SS and SSS rank jobs)

    All job participants must be listed upon requesting a job. If you only list yourself, it will be a solo job. Additionally, you cannot leave job threads open for more to join you like a social thread. They must be marked either [private] or [closed].

    The Job Ranks and their rewards

    D Rank Jobs: 100 - 20,000 Jewels --- 10 - 100 Experience
    C Rank Jobs: 25,000 - 50,000 Jewels --- 100 - 200 Experience
    B Rank Jobs: 50,000 - 100,000 Jewels --- 200 - 300 Experience
    A Rank Jobs: 100,000 - 250,000 Jewels --- 300 - 400 Experience
    S Rank Jobs: 250,000 - 500,000 Jewels --- 400 - 500 Experience
    SS Rank Jobs: 500,000 - 1,000,000 Jewels --- 500 - 750 Experience
    SSS Rank Jobs: 1,000,000+ Jewels --- 750+ Experience

    (Note: Please keep in mind that job rewards, the jewels and experience are determined by what the job is requiring you to accomplish. Ex. you pet sit for someone with no enemies, so you gained 50 experience and 500 jewels.)

    The Job Ranks and What Each Means

    D Rank Jobs:
    The easiest jobs on the planet. They can range anywhere from cat sitting to pet catching, entertaining some sick kids, and even the occasional minor combat set jobs. They are the basic of basic jobs.(Anyone can take these jobs on freely
    C Rank Jobs:
    These jobs are a bit more difficult than a d rank job but still fairly easy. These jobs can include the type of jobs that d rank wizards take on but can also can have a few slightly more risky ones as well, such as being a bodyguard for someone, beating up some bandits and etc. Those who take on these jobs, should proceed with more caution than one would on a d rank job.(These are jobs for c rank wizards and above, however, if a c rank wizard teams up with them, d rank wizards may accept a c rank job.)
    B Rank Jobs:
    These jobs come with 2x more risk than C rank jobs and 3x more risk than d rank jobs. Needless to say, do not take these jobs lightly. Some of these jobs may offer a rare item as well as the usual jewels and experience. Although, those jobs that do offer rare items can only be taken on once by any one person. These jobs can range from wiping out a whole bandit hideout, to finding a hidden treasure, to a rescue mission.(Must be C rank or above to take on these jobs, only if accompanied by a b rank or another Mage of same rank may a c rank wizard take on one these jobs.)
    A Rank Jobs:
    Fourth most dangerous job rank in the world. They can range from saving a town from a curse, to slaying a monster. Let's just say, they ain't no walk in the park.(Must be at least B rank to take on these jobs and must have either an A rank or equal rank wizard accompany you in order to take on these jobs)
    S Rank Jobs:
    These jobs are a class above the rest. They can range from taking down a dark guild master, to slaying a dragon. They come at a much, higher risk than the other ranks do but they also offer more rare items than both b and a rank jobs do.(Must be at least A rank and have either one wizard of equal or higher rank accompany you)
    SS Rank Jobs:
    These jobs are not to be joked about, some of them, can even cost you your LIFE, if not strong enough. They range from slaying a god or demon, to slaying another creature of legend, to saving a country from the reign of evil to anything imaginable.(Must be at least S rank, no one of any lower rank can take these jobs on.)
    SSS Rank Jobs:
    Each of these jobs, are a matter of life or death. In other words, you fail one of these jobs, and you can easily die. But, manage to complete one of these jobs, not only will you live to see another day, but the payout is immense. Not to mention, they give out extremely rare items. The job bosses are always Staff Controlled to make sure that it is a fair fight.(Must be either SS or X rank to take on one of these jobs or hold the title of "Wizard Saint")

    Post count requirements for jobs

    D Rank: 5 posts
    C Rank: 10 posts
    B Rank: 15 posts
    A Rank: 20 posts
    S Rank: 25 posts
    SS Rank: 30 posts
    SSS Rank: 35 posts

    Enemy Encounters on Jobs

    For all other job enemies excluding boss enemies, everyone will use the encounter dice system.

    Directions for encounter dice:

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