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    Judas Ezhno  Empty Judas Ezhno

    Post by Judas on Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:26 am

    Judas Ezhno  E34MaWf

    Name: Judas Ezhno
    Gender: Male
    Age: Physically in his late twenties (Claims to be 25, actually over 1,000 years old.)
    Date of Birth: November 2nd
    Race: Halfling (Dragon-Human Hyrbid)
    Racial Traits:

    • Extended Lifespan
      Unlike most people, Judas's specific race has his mortality reach him slower. In other words, he ages slowly and lives longer than others. Unfortunatrely, because of his albino trait (Which makes him weaker than most even in his healthiest state), he never had enhanced senses nor an alternate form similar to a dragon's.

    Judas Ezhno  4AsRYFb

    There are many things that can describe Judas. Cunning, charming, determined. There truly is countless things to point out about this man. Many of the traits Judas has today has been obtained through many traumatic situations in the past, forever altering his perspective of the world.

    In a better light of this young man, Judas appears to be kind, generous, thoughtful, and open minded. Sometimes even chivalrous. These personality traits are most commonly displayed when Judas takes the liberty to help another. But not for very attractive reasons. More often than not, Judas makes an effort to solve problems and help others so that he gains a list if sources of which he can be repaid. In other words, he does it so that they owe him. And it certainly works. The more detrimental a situation is, the more profitable it would be to Judas. It provides him a sense of fulfilment and justice without the thought of doing it for good deed’s sake.

    Regardless, Judas still displays these traits with no motive, at times. Most will not notice the difference between his genuine support and oy doing it for the benefits. It doesn't really matter on the receiving end. That being said, no matter how harsh of a person Judas deems to be, he always remains considerate or thoughtful in any situation. Even to his most hated foes.

    Secondly, at times, Judas can be egocentric or display his superiority complex. He believes that everyone should be as good if not better than him in order to solidify a future for themselves. As arrogant as it may sound to have such confidence in your abilities, he preaches his mentality truly to benefit the others on the receiving end. For his and other's greater goods. Does he boast at times? Sure. But there usually isn't an ill cause behind it.

    That being said, Judas has made a long term effort to simplify himself over a period of time. Although he has interest in others with complex personas, it's not his ideal way of being. He wishes to completely understand himself and others no matter the sacrifice.

    In more common situations, whether it be socializing with friends or family, he deems to be laid back and optimistic. But he makes careful note not to let these traits reign over his disciplined attitude.

    Speaking of which, Judas is very disciplined. Described to be harsh, determined, and unforgiving in the workplace, Judas never intends to become dependent of others. He is the spitting image of someone attempting to force solitude onto himself despite his need for people and human life around him. His insecurity of the independence he strives for redeems a more childish and immature side of him. The only side that dare shed a tear or display weakness of any kind. He is an optimistic person, otherwise. He is savvy, not afraid to be a know-it-all in a classroom. In this side of him, he can seem scandalous and have a hot temper in contrast to his normally patient attitude. Call it natural instinct, but Judas is one to advocate his feelings when wrong is being done. Although choosing peace over violence, he would never back down from a fight nor challenge issued onto him.

    Judas is either brutally honest or sarcastically lying. There really isn't a point in time where his honesty brings much good as it compliments his more logical thinking, pointing out unattractive things about people or things that they may not want voiced. Or perhaps lying to a point where it isn't necessarily fibbing, but keeping important details out of the truth for the sake of amusement. It doesn't cause as much harm as one would think.

    “Flirtatious” would not be one of the many words that describe Judas. “Flirting” is often confused with teasing, in this case. That being said, he loves to do it. When in more romance oriented situations, Judas can be dense. He can’t take hints that easily and his radar sees to be crooked when someone sends him signals. In any case, Judas unconsciously rejects these signals and hints without really realizing he had due to his denial towards getting close to people. Not because of his ‘dark past’, but due to the simple realization that sacrificing your all for a relationship does not mean the other will do the same for equilibrium’’s sake. Growing up with few friends who all have done this, it was a hard fact for Judas to take until he eventually did not willingly create friendships without influence or interest.

    Otherwise, he is a friendly person with rather psychotic feelings in certain situations, and may come off as sadistic. Of which he isn’t, but it’s heavily implied in his thought process.

    In more combative situations, Judas can be either obedient or rebellious. There is no in between. He chooses to obey or work alone depending on who's asking. Judas cannot stomach that thought of being directed by a weaker resource and outright refuses to obey orders by a weaker command unless respect is due. He takes every fight as if it is his last, not liking the thought of working with others but would make consistent efforts to empower them with motivating words of honor and glory.

    - "How fetching." Judas has a subtle passion for observing others. He loves indulging in the thought process of trying to figure someone or something out. Maybe it's his natural problem-solving instincts speaking?
    - "...I will take you home with me!" Dogs being his only loyal companions growing up, Judas has grown an intimate attachment to them for their loving natures and companionship.
    - "Perfect. Marvelous." Perfection is key, as Judas would say it. He likes the sensation of harmony when he sees things in order or anything in a perfect arrangement.

    - "Who do you think you are?" Judas hates, no, abhors being underestimated. Because of his superiority complex, his abilities being doubted is the most royally irritating thing he can experience.
    - "Look at all those wrinkles. That cannot be good for the skin... hmph." It's... more pestering than disliking but Judas doesn't have good relationships with turtles. Snapping turtles infested his orphanage once and let's just say that they lived up to their names...
    - "How can you give up so easily? If our weakest man is still fighting, why aren't our strongest men fighting alongside him?" Judas dislikes people who are quick to give up or abandon ship. Stopping the process before seeing an outcome.

    - "I'll use my claws to win! If not my claws, then my fangs. If not my fangs, then my bones. If not my bones, I'll use my life!" The passion for winning has shaped Judas into the man he is today and further develops him. He never submits to a stronger beast with his fair share of scratching.
    - "Your uniqueness solidifies your very self," He values oddballs in a society. Growing up with prying eyes all over his odd look, Judas has a sense of protection and value to those with unattractive or odd traits.
    - "Strength, wit and discipline are the tools that build your ladder to success." Judas is a strong believer in the idea of success and strives for that outcome.
    - Judas has an extensive fear of solitude, despite the contradiction of him striving for it.
    - Snapping Turtles
    - Betrayal
    - Self sacrifice
    - Weakness
    - Defeat
    - Correct underestimation
    - Oppression
    - Being deceived
    - Loss of companionship

    Judas Ezhno  54DQ57H

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 148 lbs
    Hair Color: Pale White (Albino)
    Eye Color: Crimson Red (Albino)
    Skin Tone: Pale White (Albino)
    Overall Appearance:
    Judas Ezhno  Tumblr_ocw82uRQyi1s17w80o2_r1_500

    Judas Ezhno  Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council: Hellfire Legion
    Guild/Council Tattoo: In the center of his back, blood red.
    Alvah Ezhno

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    Judas Ezhno  Empty Re: Judas Ezhno

    Post by Alvah Ezhno on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:21 am

    Wow, my very own brother.
    Can't wait to create angst with you! >D


    Judas Ezhno  QoEctJa

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