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    Asrael Chieferti

    Asrael Chieferti

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    Asrael Chieferti

    Post by Asrael Chieferti on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:26 am

    "What are you looking at?"


    CV: Kondou Takayuki

    Name Chieferti Asrael [Last First]

    Gender Male

    Age 19 [nineteen]

    DOB April 29

    Race Human

    Racial Traits

    • n/a
    • n/a

    The first memory he has is him being alone in a dark alleyway, with nothing but a torn shirt and a pair of shorts to protect him from the cold. He's always been alone, and is convinced he will stay that way for the rest of his life. It's not an easy path to take, but he has taught himself to be independent, and never expect anything from everyone. He's strong on his own, with enough confidence to walk on without the (necessary to some) help of family or friends. He rarely ever lets anything get him down, especially due to his stubbornness to survive, regardless of life constantly reminding him that his existence isn't that important to the world.

    Of course, being so independent and remote from the rest of the world, has a serious number of cons. He's difficult with people, either choosing not to bother talking to them at all, or just forcefully trying to socialize, which results in him looking like a totally ignorant asshole. He really doesn't mean to come off as rude, but he doesn't exactly know how to small-talk, nor does he understand why people get offended about the smallest things. He's tried to take it slow and step down when he needs to, but it has never worked out and thus he's given up; all five times he tried in his life.

    Despite not trusting people easily, he himself is quite reliable when it comes to jobs, deals, promises, and such. He doesn't lie, and will not back out of anything he's given his word to do. If he's decided to protect someone, he will, and if he's decided to beat up someone, he will. He's pretty straight forward with these things. Of course, if the matter involves him getting gravely injured, he probably won't agree to it in the first place, since despite his apparent recklessness, he does not intend to throw away his life for anything or anyone.

    When in a fight, he acts very similar to the nature of his magic. Like his flames, he is unpredictable, merciless, and flamboyant. He doesn't find time to calculate the results of his actions, and instead acts on instinct alone, becoming a mess of punches, kicks and fire. It gets him several injuries, and he usually loses the fight, but he doesn't regret one bit of it, believing that fighting should be done with the mind but with the body alone.

    LIKES. Fire/Flames; Silence; The sound of the Cello
    DISLIKES. Light Rain; The smell of cigarettes; Awkward Situations
    MOTIVATIONS. To live on and become someone important; To master his magic; To learn how to play any sort of musical instrument
    FEARS. Having someone so important to him that he'd actually risk his life for; Life-threatening injuries; Being chained up/Locked up
    FC: Norn9 - Masamune Toya

    5.4 ft

    119 lbs

    Pale Orange
    Hair Color

    Eye Color

    Very Light Tan
    Skin Tone

    GUILD/COUNCIL. Fairy Tail
    GUILD/COUNCIL TATTOO. Lower Back; Orange

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    Re: Asrael Chieferti

    Post by Henrex on Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:21 pm


    « Application Checklist »

    • Name [X]
    • Appropriate Age [X]
    • Gender [X]
    • Appearance Present [X]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
    • Personality is Of Appropriate Length [X]
    • Traits are not Offensive/Defensive [X]
    • Traits are described reasonably enough [X]

    Comments/Notes: Everything seems to be good here! I will be approving this application! If anyone has any questions of my judgement, feel free to PM on the site or on Discord.


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