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    Ryoko Nazar: Mercenary for Hire W.I.P


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    Ryoko Nazar: Mercenary for Hire W.I.P

    Post by Starfreak on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:03 pm

    Name: Ryoko Nazar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Date of Birth: January 9
    Race: Human
    Racial Traits:  Noble Pickpocket (Robin Hood steal from the rich gag, good chance success rate at night, low chance success rate in the day. She will steal a crystal necklace from a Baroness, then break off a few pieces of it and give them to a family in need on the street.) Mercenary Veteran (Combat experience from 8 years of being a mercenary, improved accuracy/damage/durability of weapons. When she ranks up, Ryoko learns to use new requip weapons quickly.)


    Likes: Drinking/eating/bar-fights at a bar or guild hall (like all the members of fairy Tail, when they get into a brawl in their guild hall.) Weapon maintenance (cleans and checks weapons for damage twice a week, repairs ones with minor damage herself.) Jobs involving combat with mages/soldiers or stealing items from rich people.
    Dislikes: Elitist rich people, dishonorable mercenaries, killing civilians    
    Motivations: Jobs that pay a lot of Jewel, the drunk smiling faces of bar or guild hall patrons after a hard days work, stealing from the rich and giving part of the plunder to poor people/churches/orphanages.  
    Fears: Spiders (big ones), getting a non-combatants killed in a fight, losing the ability to use her hands.    

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 140 lb
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Tone: Tan  
    Overall Appearance: Black cloak, leather knee boots, leggings, sheathed Scimitar blade, black finger less gloves, ear rings, 2 ammo bandoliers, purple strapless blouse, jean shorts, long black hair  

    Guild/Council: guildless
    Guild/Council Tattoo: n/a

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