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    Mukade: Henrex's Little Friend [Henrex Pet] [FINISHED/READY FOR GRADING]


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    Mukade: Henrex's Little Friend [Henrex Pet] [FINISHED/READY FOR GRADING]

    Post by Henrex on Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:31 pm

    Name: Mukade (Japanese for: "Centipede")
    Rank: D
    Type: Combat
    Description: As per it's name, Centipede is...well, just that. It is a large, Chinese red-headed centipede, around twenty centimeters in total length. With a red head, courtesy of it's name, the mildly long creature normally can be seen crawling along Henrex's body, most primarily on his arms and shoulders. The back of the creature is pitch black, while the underbelly of the centipede is a pale, almost cream color.
    Appearance [Image]:

    Name: Venom of the Shinobi
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Mukade is quite the sneaky, and dirty fighter. He doesn't exactly fight fair. He normally is known to hide and lay in wait for an opportunity to use this ability. Named the Venom of the Shinobi for it's distasteful nature in combat, and for it's very...nasty effects, the Venom of the Shinobi is something that must be carefully aimed, mainly for it's lengthy cooldown time. If Mukade is able to get close enough to an enemy, he would spit out a green, sticky, and very putrid smelling substance from itself. If the substance were to land on any part of the body, it would act similarly to acid, burning through clothes and possibly skin, if given enough time. The acid can be wiped off by a hand or some other object with no aftereffects, as the acid must be present on the skin for a whole post before any kind of effects can begin.
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