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    Alvah Ezhno

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    The Blithe Finds Trouble || Private; Judas Empty The Blithe Finds Trouble || Private; Judas

    Post by Alvah Ezhno on Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:58 pm

    "you know i'm bad, i'm bad, i'm really really bad"

    433 words
    short but sweet??
    There's a jarring sound that floods into the base of his ears, deluging him in a motion of nothing but tunes. A fluctating wave of emotions that are all so vivid, and at the same time blurred and indifferent. They are the same ones which greet him later in the day, as if the demons have come out within the night, prodding him from within the consistent linings of shadowed alleyways and dimly lit places. Lights flicker on and off, quickly and in a different shade each time. Sweat is thinly layered over his form, bare upper shirt hardly managing to reduce the chance of overheating whilst crammed in a crowd of dancing people. He is smiling, but it is one of exhaust; the phacade to keep those thinking he is kind.

    Alvah forces his way out. The desperation to breath cool air is met with a near stumble of the feet - he catches his balance. Thankfully alcohol has been only sipped upon, steady sense of state present as he approaches the bar. He slides into one of the stools, resting his forearms against the counter as a drink is ordered. Glass shrills against the surface, slender fingers curling across the fragile solidity; a strong sensation hits at the back of his throat. A sigh follows shortly after, piercing blue eyes glance around. There are a few about; he thinks, though a glimmer of silver is what enraptures him fully in the individual only a few lengths to his right.

    There is something strange about him. When Alvah studies from afar, it is nothing but a feeling. Just as loneliness is often mistaken for depression, or depression for loneliness. They are both the same thing, yet also different. Curiousity takes its hold on the blonde, wanting to know more of this unlikely motion. He shifts into the stool next to the seemingly stranger, casually taking his place. "Hey there," he'd start, lips curling upward ever so slightly, "Are you here alone?" again a simple move, his hand would advance towards the arm of the other, fingers gently tracing over. The touch was gentle; innocent.

    "I'm Alvah, by the way." the one before him was rather attractive, he had striking red eyes that were greatly similar to that of the gem of rubies. His long hair was an unnatural, yet beautiful shade of white. He doubted this other was human, either that or magic had influenced his appearance greatly. Nowadays those that were born purely normal had looks that said otherwise. "What's your name?" the distance was dwindling as the blonde inched closer.


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    The Blithe Finds Trouble || Private; Judas Empty Re: The Blithe Finds Trouble || Private; Judas

    Post by Judas on Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:33 pm

    The night was young, but it was because of this night's youth that clubs and bars were booming in business. But that fact wasn't too exotic, it was always at night that your depressed young men and women would come to drown their sorrows in a cold beer, or perhaps the more desperate people willing to show a bit of a skin for a jewel or two. It was usually at night that a town's more exotic population would show their colors. But not tonight, for Judas. Tonight, all he wanted to do is drink and sleep. He was exhausted after spending four months in the Hellfire Mountains with whining teenagers and energetic tourists. He did not get a moment's rest since two nights ago during his ride here.

    Every few months or so, Judas would return to the towns of Fiore to indulge in their festivities. And the first stop was Crocus, The Holy Capital. He had mainly spent his day eating meat and other things, and didn't necessarily participate in anything that didn't involve food. The practice of fasting was a demanding exercise but it did pay off after you settle your cravings. But now, Judas had settled into an unknown bar full of all sorts of scandalous activity. But Judas was too jaded to pay attention for it or pay for the extra services himself.

    He was seated onto a strong stool by the bar, leaning forward, hovering over the table and sighed with a tired expression. A large, hearty man with a thick brown beard had finished polishing a glass and placed it upside down on the shelves before turning over to the white haired man and smiling, "What'll be, tough guy?"

    Judas groaned and waved his hand tiredly in front of him, "What to say? I'm beat. Your hardest whiskey, please..." The bartender nodded and went to prepare it in the back before he was suddenly confronted by another drinker as well. Truth be told, Judas was so tuckered out, he didn't notice anyone but the alcohol on the shelves. Judas quickly turned to his side to listen. What he didn't expect was he gentle touch he gave him, the white haired man spoke softly yet stern.

    "Yeah, I'm alone. Kind of hard to not be alone when you don't have anyone to accompany you, heh." He chuckled before looking at him again, "Alvah, huh? I knew a guy named Alvah. Loooong time ago, but I guess all pals grow apart, am I right? Heh heh. Judas. My name's Judas."

    He smiled.

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