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    Post by Onyx on Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:23 pm

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    Name: Onyx Morello
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Date of Birth: October 29th
    Race: Lycanthrope - Lycanthropes or werewolves are mythological humans that have the ability to shapeshift into wolves or anthropomorphic wolf-like creatures. They can infect the human population with a bite and the creature’s transformation is often associated with a full moon. The lycanthropes mythology originated in Europe, but many accounts are found all over the ancient world. Features of the werewolf include the meeting of both eyebrows at the bridge of the nose, curved fingernails, low set ears, and a swinging stride. They have super-human strength and senses, far beyond those of either wolves or men. The beasts are known to feed on the homeless and easy prey. A person can be identified as a werewolf by cutting into their flesh to reveal hair or by revealing special bristles under their tongue.

    TL;DR Traits:

    - Transform: Onyx can transform himself into a werewolf, with his claws acting as a weapon of his rank. He can only ever use this trait on the night of a full moon.

    - Spread: Onyx can infect NPCs and make them into Lycanthropes and PCs if given permission.

    Personality: Onyx isn't like your average dark wizard. He's a kind person who tries to help out others when they are in need, and is general a great person to hang around. He's very open with people he knows or sees often, many would consider him a friend. Though the catch to his great personality is that he believes he's the hero of this story, and he will do anything to make sure he is. Those that he thinks pose a threat need to be eliminated. Those that are under him he treats as his "sidekicks", having them treat him as if he was a god. Onyx is the type of narcissist who hates other narcissists,again circling back to his god complex. He has a soft spot for shy people, often wanting to converse with them. He has a short temper but it's enough that he won't snap at the littlest things. Onyx is also the type of person who lives for the thrill, enjoying himself a good fight and violence is his only form of entertainment. He's a very honest and straight forward person, only lying whenever he needs to in order to protect those he cares about.

    While in combat Onyx is quite different. He tries to to act cocky, but always ends up backfiring as he boasts in the midst of a fight. He's a guns-blazing person, never holding back on his spells unless he's low on mana , which then he resorts to hand to hand combat. He's one to never take orders and likes being the one giving them, ignoring anybody that tries to  to tell him what to do. He treats his enemies with respect, dead or alive, never cheating in a fight or throwing a game. He doesn't like to kill those without a purpose and he only fights if he gets something out of it.

    - Sunny Days
    - Alcohol
    - Teasing

    - Needless Murder
    - Children
    - People who act nice
    - Hypocrites

    - Ridding the world of "villains"
    - Entertainment
    - Money

    - Death
    - Losing those close to him
    - Fish

    Height: 6'7"
    Weight:155 lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Overall Appearance:
    Everyday Clothes:
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    Job/Special Clothes:
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    Guild/Council: Nightmare Incarnate
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Stomach; Black
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    Post by Rin Moriyama on Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:05 pm

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