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    The Berserker


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    The Berserker

    Post by Onyx on Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:50 pm

    Name of Magic: ReQuip: The Berserker
    Type/Sub-type: ReQuip
    Current Rank: D
    Description:The Berserker is a type of ReQuip magic that specializes in dual wielding light weapons or wielding normally tow-handed weapons in one hand. The origin of the berserker came from long ago, where in a group of raiders there was an elite group known as the Berserkers.

    Unstable: Due to the power bestowed on the caster, the more they study the magic the more of their sanity they lose. Though they don't lose their sanity without compensation. Berserkers are also given an incredible resistance to pain. This gets the the point where getting stabbed feels like a light pinch. Even though the Berserker doesn't feel the pain, they still take it in full force.

    Inhumane Strength: Berserkers are given the ability of crazy strength. They can physically surpass anyone without this trait. The limit they can lift is 750 lbs with both hands, and either hand can easily pick up 300 pounds.

    Inhumane Speed: After adjusting their body to that of a Berserker, they are faster than any normal human. The limits of their speed is about 30 mph at full speed; a light jog caps at 10 mph. This also effects their reflexes, with a normal time of .10 for a visual, .5 for auditory, and .5 for touch.

    D Rank:

    Hijo del Bastardo:

    Name of Spell: Hijo del Bastardo (Son of Bastard)
    Type: Weapon; Offensive
    Rank: D
    Description: Hijo del Bastardo looks like your normal bastard sword, though it's size is bigger than a normal bastard sword with the blade being 5 and a half feet long and an inch thick. The hilt is about 3 inches long with a radius of an inch. The guard is 20 inches long. The sword weighs about 200 lbs, with the blade made of pure steel. Besides that it's nothing special.
    - Duration: 4
    - CD: 4
    - Range: Close

    El rey de asesinato:

    Name of Spell: El rey de asesinato (The King of Murder)
    Type: Weapon; Offensive
    Rank: D
    Description: El rey de asesinato is a 6'8" great-axe with a black head and black hilt, both engraved with red markings. The blade is about 2 feet long and 5 inches wide, with the hilt having a half inch radius. This weapon has a special perk to it, where any wound made may not be healed in that thread. This weapon is mainly used to combat healers.
    - Duration: 3
    - CD: 4
    - Range: Close


    Name of Spell: Verdugo (Executioner)
    Type: Weapon; Offensive
    Rank: D
    Description: Verdugo is a 5'6" long scythe made of obsidian. The blade itself extends for 2 and a half feet and is half an inch thick. The hilt has a radius of .5 inches. Though it looks fragile the obsidian used to make it is quite tough, allow it to break even the strongest of materials. This weapon is deadly, with it's own spell to help it.
    - Duration: 3
    - CD: 2
    - Range: Close

    Tiro negro:

    Name of Spell: Tiro negro (Black Bullet)
    Type: Spell; Offensive; Shadow
    Rank: D
    Description: Only able to be used with Verdugo equipped. While the weapon is activated, the user is able to bring the scythe into a slashing motion. Following this motion is a black fissure. On contact it slices through any object. The downside to this spell is that it doesn't move very fast, about 10 mph. After it's range, it dissipates.
    - Duration: Instant
    - CD: 2
    - Range: Short


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    Re: The Berserker

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:52 am


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