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    Birth of a Corpse  Empty Birth of a Corpse

    Post by Griffin Strous on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:02 am

    Setting: A rather large mansion in the deep wilderness of the country known as Bosco, far away from the cities of man and the eyes of those that might find the practices ongoing inside to be cruel and against the rule of God. The night is rather clear, a new moon is hidden by the veil of darkness plunging this forest into a thick darkness only the stars in the heavens provide light. A single room in the mansion has a candle burning. Strange magic fills the air of the mansion and the surrounding forest, strange magic that seems to be drawn to this region by ancient dark magic markings found in key sights throughout the area.

    A tall figure dressed in a black garb stands over the corpse of a young lad. The body was cold and had dirt covering the skin and hair, a slight grey tint was coming over the skin and a blue color on the lips. This corpse had been in the ground just three hours ago but now it was laying here prime for the dark arts to use it. The man dipped his finger into a cup of blood and began to draw similar markings onto the body that were found on the floor of the room. As he marked the boy he mumbled a powerful and ancient dark spell that had not been spoken out loud in nearly three hundred years. As he finished marking the body he went over to the table and picked up a vile of grayish blood, something that did not come from the mortal plane. He carefully found the vein on the corpse’s left arm and injected this blood into the being, again mumbling the ancient spell. As the last drop of blood entered the body a surge of dark red magic poured from the man into the body. His chanting became louder until it was almost a scream, as he did such the pressure form the magic grew to the point that it began to warp the area around the man and the corpse.

    The shrieks of hundreds began to ring out from the forest and mansion as the magic spread further and further out. As the screams and the chanting reached their peak of deafening sounds they all seemed to stop the moment that the magic rushed into the corpse. For a brief moment the man stood there in a stunned like manner waiting to see what would become of the corpse and the souls that he had just utilized in this dark magic. Then almost as if on cue the eyes of the corpse shot open, color returned to his lips and skin, and he bolted up from the table gasping for air. As he awoke mentally something awoke deep inside the boy. A thick fog rolled off of his skins and spread throughout the room, the fog quickly became dark as the night itself, hiding the light from the candle and flickers of lightning started to run through the clouds. The lightning was black but for a strange reason it seemed to give off a light of its own. The old man chanting placed his hand on the boy and suddenly the cloud and lightning rushed back to the vessel as if he was calling them back into him.

    The boy sat there panting heavily as he felt the strong force of the dark magic from the man running through his body. He was confused, he was lost, and the only thing he felt was a single emotion of fear. Why was this man causing such a strong emotion to manifest itself in the boy?

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