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    Electromagnetism Magic Primary complete Empty Electromagnetism Magic Primary complete

    Post by Shadowofaformerself on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:11 pm

    Electromagnetism Magic

    Name of Magic:
    Electromagnetism Magic
    Caster Magic
    Current Rank: D
    Electromagnetism is the manipulation of electromagnetism and the many different forms of magnetism. Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces, that involve electromagnetic force a physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles. Electromagnetic force usually manifests as electromagnetic fields, such as electrical fields, Magnetic fields, and, light. A user of electromagnetism manipulation can manipulate magnetism and electricity itself, advance levels of electromagnetism magic is the manipulation of matter, chemistry, and minor manipulation of gravity.  This is done through the electron bonds that are within a matter. A powerful user of electromagnetism manipulation is truly a destructive and powerful force to be reckoned with, but it comes with a price. Users of this form of magic channels there magic through there nervous system, as such the user is capable of overloading his nervous system which can either lead to an electrochemical imbalance resulting in the user having megalomaniac episodes, or in extreme cases paralyzing the caster.

    • Burning and Physical damage
    • Area of Effect or single targeting
    • Decent defense
    • Environmental damage
    • Can harm the casters Nervous system
    • Can harm allies
    • Environment can limit certain abilities

    Skills Needed to Caste Spells
    In order for a user to become a master of manipulating electromagnetism they must first master the basic skills of magnetism. These skills are not necessary spells, no they are used to direct and shape spells. These skills can also be used in a wizard’s daily life such as opening a door pulling a cup to them. A wizard must master theses basic skills in order to advance to any form of spell work.
    Magnetic Attraction/Repulsion- the ability to use the correct magnetic field to pull and push away objects
    Magnetic Hold/Grip- the ability to use the correct magnetic field to grip an object or hold them still
    Magnetic direction- The ability to use the correct magnetic field too direct or change a objects course.
    Magnetic levitation/suspension- The ability to use the correct magnetic field to hold a object in the air.

    Unique Traits

    Diamagnetic direction: The human body is 69% water, as such using a diamagnetic field the caster is capable of pushing, holding, grappling, or, attracting a living object by placing a diamagnetic field in the direction of where the caster wants to force the person to go. The furthest the spell can toss, attract or, push an individual is 1 meters the spell increases by a meter as the user ranks up. The spell deals little d-rank damage only if they are thrown into a object for example a wall, or, they are thrown from heights. Enemies of the same rank can resist with great effort, enemies of one rank above can resist the spell with medium effort, two ranks above or more can resist the spell with minimum to no effort. PVP Note: The Caster can only grapple or hold individuals below his rank and equal to his rank.  

    Ferromagnetic telekinesis: The caster can manipulate certain ferromagnetic metals in similar fashion to telekinesis. With this the caster can animate metal in order to deal some minor damage. The damage dealt by the metal is equivalent to minor d-rank damage and can be manipulated at short range however, the user must use gestures and must see the target. The user can only manipulate up to four large pieces of metal, five small pieces however, this increases with rank.

    Magnetic Aura: Because the casters ability to manipulate both magnetism and electromagnetism, they gain a significant resistance to energy and metal based attack. As such the caster has a 15% resistance to energy and metal attacks. The down fall of this is any lightning or metal based attacks will be magnetically attracted to him within a radius of 10 ft.

    D- Rank Spells:
    Name: Liquid Metal Transmutation
    Rank: d
    Type: Utility
    description: The Caster uses his knowledge of electromagnetism to rearrange the electron bonds within an atom, changing the structure into that of a metallic structure. This creates liquid metal, liquid metal is a metal that is highly shapeable capable of changing, combing and even expanding. The metal is rather basic having the same stats as iron, C rank fire magic can damage it significantly and then upper rank fire magic can destroy the metal. There is usually about 3 spheres of liquid metal each about 4ft in diameter and 2ft in radius.
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 3 posts

    Name: Scattershot  
    Rank: d
    Type: Offense
    description: The caster manipulates surrounding metal or condenses his liquid metal into cylinder shape objects, each has a diameter of 1ft and a length of 2ft in length, three of these cylinders are formed. They user than launches the objects with relatively high speed. Inside of heading in one direction, the objects gradual head into three directions to give it a shot gun effect, the maximum radius is 2ft and the spell can be used at relatively close range. Each projectile gives d-rank damage, which can collect if it hits the same target, although this is highly rare.
    For extra MP the caster can direct the projectiles, the down fall to this is well the caster needs a free hand and he needs to see the target and be relatively still for concentration.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2 post

    Name: Electron distortion
    Rank: d
    Type: Offense
    Description: The caster focuses electromagnetic energies into a single ball of energy, the ball of energy is purple in nature and is about as big as a basketball. The ball is then launched at slow speeds, but as it is making its way into a certain direction the ball of energy gathers metallic debris. The ball of energy is used in close range, once in a 5ft radius of a target it will hone onto that person. If it is successfully hit the ball of energy will deal strong d rank burn damage and minor d-rank physical damage.
    For extra MP the caster can direct the ball of energy, the down fall to this is well the caster needs a free hand, needs to see the target, and, needs to be relatively still for concentration.
    duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 2 post

    Electromagnetism Magic Primary complete Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSgBijzF_jgf3-OL1VwMPgw1MEK1mzOH4xfgt4JI3IBoZNiKcBA0Q

    Name: Magnetic Construct- drone
    Rank: d
    Type: Summon
    Health Points: 100
    description:[/b] Using their powers of magnetism the caster uses the liquid metal, or any nearby metal to create a drone. The drone is equipped with a sword and a small energy caster, the drone is then sparked to life via electrical impulse. The energy caster does a weak d-rank burn damage and the sword does basic d-rank damage. The construct only has moderate intelligence and can only carry out certain task, a cunning opponent can trick the construct into a falling off a cliff.
    For extra MP, the caster can break the creature apart and then use it as scrap metal or in similar fashion too scattershot, dealing the same out of damage as well.
    duration: 3 post
    Cooldown: 5 post

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