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    God of Monsters [Hercules: Primary] Empty God of Monsters [Hercules: Primary]

    Post by Tenebrose on Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:03 pm


    Name of Magic: God of Monsters
    Current Rank:D
    Description: Inherited as the result of the famous legends of Hercules, God of Monsters is meant to give its caster supremacy over magical beasts of all kind. Mainly, it provides its user with the ability to dominate, control and kill these monsters. This magic’s weakness is a rational mind, as, by definition, he can gain the ability to control any wild creature that possesses magical ability. Using spells within this magic type's arsenal, its use can manipulate, control and use these monsters and beasts in ways that exceed a normal person's use. The most obvious weakness of this magic type, however, becomes that it heavily relies on the presence of monsters and beasts, and is severely cripple without that.


    Wild Familiar: As a result of this magic, Hercules can constantly maintain control over at least one wild creature of the same rank as his own, through just this Trait. As a result, he always, before entering a thread has access to a Pet of his own rank, if it dies, however, he must wait until his next thread to automatically receive another one of his own rank. All pets acquired this way need nothing other than an accepted submission to be used in threads. However, they can be discarded upon a Rank Up, for the sake of auto-receiving a new beast of a higher Rank.

    Monster Subjugation: Any monster or beast within one hundred meters of Hercules becomes 30% more susceptible to the attacks of Hercules, any familiars he’s bonded with, and mages within fifty meters of Hercules (+10% for every Rank over the monster Hercules is, for instance, a D-Rank Monster against Hercules at C-Rank would be 40% more susceptible to damage taken).

    Hunt’s Bounty: Any beast slain by Hercules recharges 15% of missing Magic Power and 8% of missing health, Hercules himself must be the one to have stricken the fatal blow to the monster.

    Top of the Food Chain: Hercules can enter any thread with a maximum of 3+(1 Per Ranks achieved. Ex. At D-Rank this amount is 4 Pets, at C-Rank this is 5 Pets, etc.). Hercules can never have direct control over more than 10 Monsters, including his Pets. Hercules is only allowed to gain one Pet per thread, and a Pet can only be permanently tamed this way if it had at least 50% of its health at the end of the thread, and a submission regarding the Pet is accepted, just like any other Pet, at which point it becomes another Permanent Pet.

    D-Rank Spells:

    Name of Spell: Hero’s Conscription
    Type: Utility Spell
    Rank: D
    Description: Through direct physical contact, Hercules can take perfect control of any living thing considered a creature or beast, and take control of it if it’s within 20% of it’s health. The monster must also be a Rank lower than Hercules is, he’s only capable of taking control up to three monsters at a time with this spell.
    -Cooldown: 3 Posts
    -Duration: Usage is instant. Has the potential to last one thread, or longer if Top of the Food Chain is activated.
    -Range: Physical Contact

    Name of Spell: Feral Echo
    Type: Utility
    Rank: D
    Description: Upon a tamed beast, Hercules can copy the last spell they used, and while he has that spell in his possession that spell replaces this one. The spell costs double the Magic Power of the Rank it actually is (A D Rank copied Spell will Cost 10 Magic Power, instead of 5, etc.) and Hercules can only use the copied spell three times.
    -Cooldown: 5 Posts after the spell is lost.
    -Duration: 6 Posts, or 3 uses of the Spell, whichever comes first.
    -Range: Physical Contact.

    Name of Spell: The Predator Within
    Type: Utility
    Rank: D
    Description: Hercules casts this spell on any beast or Pet at all, and in doing so, temporarily boosts their health by 20%, increases their magical and physical defense by 10% and physical speed by a single Rank. Additionally, casting this spell on a monster reduces the cooldown of all spells that are on cooldown by a single post. After the spell's duration concludes, they lose all health healed by this spell, as well as taking 10% of their total health as damage instantly.
    -Cooldown: 5 Posts
    -Duration: 3 Posts
    -Range: 15 Meters

    Name of Spell: Beck and Call
    Type: Utility
    Rank: D
    Description: Upon its use, a designated monster is moved from near Hercules, to directly to himself, moving far faster than the Pet could move normally, almost instantaneously. The designated Pet must already be quite close to use this spell, however.
    -Cooldown: 2 Posts
    -Duration: Instant
    -Range: 15 Meters

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    God of Monsters [Hercules: Primary] Empty Re: God of Monsters [Hercules: Primary]

    Post by Sebastian Gremory on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:15 pm

    Alright from what I am seeing this looks pretty balanced, but there are some things that will need to be fixed. Hero's conscription still needs a set duration, for a D rank 3 or 4 is good. On the 2nd spell please add it that it can only copy spells of its rank or lower. For now that is all bump when you are done.


    God of Monsters [Hercules: Primary] LeeN54o

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