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    September Travelyn


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    September Travelyn Empty September Travelyn

    Post by September on Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:42 pm

    September Travelyn E34MaWf

    Name: September Travelyn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21 years old
    Date of Birth: August 11th
    Race: Human/Elf (Wind)
    Racial Traits: Elven Physiology: Being a half-elf gives September a quicker reaction time than most of her full-human counterparts. At D-Rank, September has an increased reaction time by just 5% and it increases by another 5% with each rank she ascends.

    Wind Resistance: Being a half-wind elf gives September a minor resistance to wind spells. If she is attacked with a wind-based spell, she will take 5% less damage than normal. As she grows in rank, the resistance will increase by another 5%.

    September Travelyn 4AsRYFb

    Personality: September is a quiet and contemplative young lady that thinks first before she ever acts. Any act is tempered by a strong sense of caution, planning, and patience. Rashness is almost nowhere in this girl's personality unless she is angered which is rare in of itself. Like her elven clan is renowned for, September is a firm practitioner and reveler of all things elegant and beautiful, though she understands that not everyone and everything will be that way which only makes her cherish her gifts that much more. September is kind and trusting, believing that someone is good before they'd ever be evil. Perhaps this is her biggest downfall. Unless she knows beforehand, she assumes that most of the people she meets are good-natured. She's often scolded by her other family members or guildmates for her naivety when it comes to the hearts of people. It is for that reason that she's begun to approach everything she does from an analytical angle. To September, it would be better to know what's coming before ever having to face it. Like her ancestors, September is an artistic and passionate person when she gets behind something or someone. She loves to paint and sing - though she is insecure about her voice due to her sister's talents - and adores anyone with an instrument. She's drawn to creative and strange people, usually befriending someone that society has written off as a kook without a second thought.

    When operating on the battlefield, September is the classic "defender" role. She tends to stand in the front-lines and do what she can to help her teammates. She likes to use her magic to overwhelm and baffle her opponents, making stealth and surprise attacks a well used portion in her magical arsenal. Under the leadership of others, September is the picture of unwavering loyalty...unless she thinks she's doing something wrong, or she thinks that there is a better way to do it. September likes to be precise and efficient with her tactics, unless the use of sloppy moves is absolutely required. Which, in her book, it shouldn't be. If there is a odd chance that September is the leader of a group, she will have her subordinates stay as close to her as they possibly could. This way, if something happened to go wrong, she could step in and fix it as quickly as possible. That being said, September will put her life on the line to protect her charges. To her, the life of another means much more then her's.

    - Reading books, specifically non-fiction. Valuing the safety that can comes from knowing about things beforehand, September can often be found reading a book if she's not busy or is waiting.

    - Art: Adoring creativity and beauty, naturally September would be drawn to artistic things.

    - Plans, Patience: Running into danger with no plan scares September to no end. She doesn't like not having a contingency plan just in case something goes wrong. In her eyes, if you follow the plan then you stay alive.

    - Senseless Violence: There is nothing beautiful or elegant about hurting someone or destroying something when you don't have to. September cannot stand people that break things just for the sake of breaking it. It bothers her that they could destroy something that someone built so easily...

    - Rashness: Some call it bravery, September calls it stupidity. She understands the concept of willpower but if you have a plan then maybe you won't get trampled into the dirt in the first place?

    - Raisins: They look like dried doodoo, no, just, no, stop.

    - Acceptance: Because of September's irrational fear of other's belittling her because of her eyes and the unfortunate time of living in her brother and sister's shadow, she often strives for acceptance and recognition of her own talents and achievements. Especially from Marise and Maxwell.

    - Creating: September wants to create something so spectacular, so important, so revolutionary, that it will change the world. It won't matter who she was, what she looked like, or who her family was. To have made something that will be her own legacy and not her family's.

    - Surpassing: September knows that it's a long shot but she secretly wishes to surpass her brother and sister. She wouldn't admit to it if you asked her, but not to rub it in their faces, but just for the vindication that she was good enough.

    - Losing Family: Though September often felt like a black sheep next to her beautiful sister and handsome brother, she still loves them more then she loves herself. Losing one or both of them would crush her.

    - Bullying: September fears that others will see her eyes and think she is a freak. She does not recognize their beauty even though her twin siblings and her guildmates assure her they most certainly are. Because of this, if she's just meeting someone, she'll often not meet their eye or speak to them without facing them, which may make her seem rude even when she's not trying to be. She just hates the look that crosses over someone's face when they see her eyes for the first time. Like she's a freak.

    Dying: September feels that she has much to do in life, that, and dying sounds painful to her. If she dies now, what's the point in trying so hard to live?

    September Travelyn 54DQ57H

    Height: 5"6
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Lavender
    Skin Tone: Cream
    Overall Appearance:
    September Travelyn Tumblr_nlhn63iu321t7b5qro1_1280

    September Travelyn Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council: Guildless
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Right shoulder, in pale lavender.

    Rin Moriyama

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    September Travelyn Empty Re: September Travelyn

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:46 am

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