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    Norowareta [Maut]: The King of the Damned [FINISHED] [NPC]

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    Norowareta [Maut]: The King of the Damned [FINISHED] [NPC]

    Post by The Headless Horseman on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:40 am

    Name: Norowareta, however, he prefers to be called Maut, which means "Death" in Hindi.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown, but is believed to be as old as time itself.
    Date of Birth: ???
    Race: Dullahan
    Racial Traits:

    Semi-Immortality: As per his race, a Dullahan, Maut is unable to die from age. Unless he is killed in battle, he will remain his seemingly endless youthful days. However, this seems to have other little "sub-traits" within it. Not only is he umable to die of conventional means, but his entire body seems to be immune to all form of age modification. He cannot be made young, nor be made older. He seems to be permanently at his current, unknown age, and looks.

    Mediumship: Also known and Spiritual Affinity or Ghost Whispering, Mediumship is something that Dullahan have that give them the ability to see things that normal people would normally not be able to see. The word "spirits" means many things, but, within this context, it currently means that spirits are the souls of the deceased. Maut is currently able to speak and interact with near anyone, dead or alive. However, this does not mean he is able to draw power from the spirits, or anything of such. It is simply the ability to interact with the deceased, and, if the right person has this ability, possibly to guide them.


    Out of Combat

    Insane: One of the only words that could describe whatever is left of Maut's mind is insane. While he doesn't always show actual signs of insanity, as he mostly keep himself very composed, his mind has just about nothing left. While he carries his head under his arm most of the time, if one were to look at the face of the Dullahan, they would mos likely see a very, very twisted, crooked grin. This is due to a normal part of Maut's personality, which is that he can stop smiling. He thinks that it's good to smile like he does, constantly. It shows that you have no problems...that one could see. More onto what his insanity nags him with is very real voices that reside within his head, whispering to him, yelling at him, it really depends on what kind of personality the voice has. There are thousands upon millions of voices in his head, many of those are the ones of who he has killed.

    Disturbing: While Maut himself is a very odd person, another word that people use to describe him is disturbing. Simply standing within the presence of someone like him always seems to give off some sort of unsafe feeling to the body, as if he isn't someone you should be talking to or even be near. It's almost as if the aura that the madman emits is what causes this, but no one really knows this strange feeling of uneasiness around him. However, actions that people take to get away from him doesn't seem to bother him. In fact, it seems to please him to know that people are afraid of him. While there is no definite answer if this is another part of his insanity, or simply a natural part of his egotistical mind, it still leaves many to wonder.

    Egotistical: Self-centered. That is who Maut is. He cares about little else aside from himself and things that he enjoys. Examples of such would be his affinity to take care of himself before others, even if it could mean life or death for someone else. In fact, his mind is so centered around himself, that he calls himself the "King of the Damned", which is a reference to his ability to see the souls of the deceased, and he believes that he is the greatest of them all, refusing to believe that anyone could best him in combat. If anyone boasts about their power? Then Maut will be first in line to show them who is the most powerful.

    Rude: Maut is considered an asshole among those found within Sleepy Hollow. He is very disrespectful, cold, and sometimes downright cruel. Often shoving people out of his way, or something similar to that, Maut is not exactly a well-liked person. If one were to see him, they would most likely have one of two reactions. One of which would be acting disgusted, or insulted by his very presence, while the other one would most likely be cowering in fear for his rough and rude nature.

    In Combat:

    Ruthless: If you believed Maut to be rude and cold out of combat, well, greet him in combat with weapons drawn, and you'll see something different. In combat, it can be noted that Maut seems to be a completely different person. While this isn't entirely true, it can't just be labeled as false, either. While his persona and mind does not change completely when he enters combat, he does change in the fact that he allows his mind to fully unleash whatever's left of his mind. When he fights, he usually can be seen being very aggressive, often attacking head-on and attempting to keep recovery to a minimal. However, this also leads to one of his greatest weaknesses. One of the things that one can use against him in combat would be his mind. The tarnished thing that he uses can be easily turned against him with the right words, such as compliments to him, or something that he could possibly enjoy.

    Relentless: Whatever you do when you're in combat with Maut, DO NOT RUN AWAY. If one were to flee from him, it only serves to agitate and infuriate him more and more. He does NOT like cowards. To him, they are just ants who are afraid of what should be a natural impulse to them, and he feels that cowards should always be exterminated with extreme prejudice. Because of this, he would chase whoever is running from him, making sure that he catches them, if he can. So, with that said, do NOT attempt to flee combat from Maut. Simply surrender, and he will see this as an honorable action, and end the combat.


    -People who believe themselves to be stronger than him

    -Violence in general

    -Being defeated
    -Anything holy in nature
    -His own death [Ironic, isn't it?]

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 175
    Hair Color: N/A
    Eye Color: N/A
    Skin Tone: Ghostly Pale
    Overall Appearance:


    Guild/Council: Guildless
    Guild/Council Tattoo: N/A

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