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    Post by September on Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:50 pm

    for you...

    Soft steps echoed through the quieted avenues of Oak Town as a woman walked calmly along. The sun had bid this side of the earth goodnight, leaving the moon to cast it's gentle light on the world. Seeing as how Oak Town was more of a scholar's paradise than a party city, most of the townsfolk were inside at this hour. In other circumstances, one might feel it was odd for a woman to be walking outside alone at this time of night but as she passed by several open windows, people just assumed she was heading to one of the 24 hour libraries. After all, epiphanies and ideas rest for no one.

    Their assumption would be correct though. The raven-haired woman actually was heading to a library. She enjoyed the absolute silence that the libraries held at night. Of course you have to be quiet in a library but the libraries of Oak Town were always packed with scholars and students during the day time. Nighttime brought privacy. September craved such a thing in a city where questions were a normal thing. Her pure lavender eyes gazed up at the moon. She was so sensitive about her pupiless eyes that she would go out of her way to keep them hidden. She had her father's normal human ears but her eyes were unique even in the elven world. People treated her differently when they saw them. She was either a freak or fragile. She just wanted to be treated equal. Not lesser or higher.

    She just wanted to be more than her eyes.

    September held her notes close to her chest as she walked. She had currently been researching how human scholars had depicted elven history versus how elves had depicted human history and so far her results had been fascinating. While the elves - who lived longer than humans - certainly had more historical documents than the latter, it would seem that much of it was skewed to an elf's insight and not particularly how it had actually happened. Elven history seems to be shrouded in mystery when it comes to a human's viewpoint. Since her father was a human and her mother was an elf, she had always thought that elf-human relations had been excellent throughout the entire world. She'd certainly been mistaken.

    September was knee-deep in thought about what section of the library she should try heading into next when she rounded a corner. She didn't happen to notice the person in front of her until she'd smacked right into them and fell, spilling her notes all around.

    "Oh god, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?", she asked as she looked at the person she'd so clumsily ran into.
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