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    Alex Valrouge


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    Alex Valrouge Empty Alex Valrouge

    Post by |Snow| on Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:52 am

    Alex Valrouge E34MaWf

    Name: Alexander/Alexandra Valrouge
    Gender: Ambiguous
    Age: 105 (looks 22)
    Date of Birth: May 21
    Race: Sexul: The Sexul are a rare race that closely resemble humans. Sexuls have the ability to change their anatomy to change between that of a male or a female.

    Racial Traits:
    - Gender Swap: Allows Sexul's to change their gender/physical anatomy at any given time (includes voice change, etc)
    - Vitality: Having the Anatomical structures of both sexes, Sexuls have a longer lifespan of most humans, living up to four times as long. They are also more resistant to most types of illnesses and poisons, causing them to almost never get sick, and something that might be considered deadly to a most would only seem like a cold to them.

    Alex Valrouge 4AsRYFb


    Some would say the Alex has a rather large personality, others would call him playful, and some just think he is out right annoying. Alex isn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind nor his opinions of others. He’s very hard to insult and takes what everyone else says with a light heart. It takes very specific personalities to tolerate the Sexul, so he often finds himself in solitude, not that it bothers him much. Even though he takes some time to get used to, he is a rather kind soul to those he sees as friends, and goes as far as putting his life on the line to protect them. Alex can also be considered quite the flirt, usually hitting on anything that moves, even someone with a face that only a mother could love. While this may sound cruel or rather desperate, Alex finds pleasure on tugging the strings to someones heart. Secretely though, he is also looking for love. Alex is a rather hopeless romantic per say, and he will pursue anyone he sees a potential suitor. No mater it be a male or female, The abilities provided by his race to change his gender help him to guarantee he captures his lover's heart.

    While in Combat, Alex gives a rather carefree attitude, seeming as if he doesn’t really care whether he lives or dies (which he doesn’t). Although giving off this type of attitude, Alex is rather strategic in combat, usually planning out every one of his moves while analyzing his opponents. He usually maintains his typical attitude of being playful, rarely ever getting serious unless a friend’s life is on the line, or sometimes his own. When fighting with others, specifically those he considers friends, he would rather see himself die than those around him; often putting his life on the line to protect others.

    - Socializing: Alex is quite the talker, sometimes finding to just shut up.
    - Flirtatious: Being able to swap between two different genders often comes the task of pulling the string’s of another’s heart.
    - Animals- Who doesn’t like to snuggle with a bunny?

    - Food: Calories suck.
    - Power: Having power is always great, but those who abuse it are idiots that need to be brought down.
    - Sleeping: Time sleeping is time wasted.

    - Protecting allies: Nothing is more important than protecting friends, not even Alex’s own life...
    - Wealth: But if he can make a pretty along the way, whose gonna argue?
    - Love: Ahh, the kryptonite to every hopeless romantic.

    - Death: The death of a friend is always tragic, but Alex consider’s the life of his friends extremely valuable. When he loses those he loves, nothing in the world hurts more.
    - Being Old: Nothing is scarier than being old and fragile to Alex. He tries to make the most of his youth as he can.
    - Becoming Weak: Alex always strives himself to be better. He can’t protect anyone if he isn’t strong enough.

    Alex Valrouge 54DQ57H
    Height: 6’0 / 5'5
    Weight: 140lbs/125lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Pale White
    Overall Appearance:
    Male 1:
    Alex Valrouge Fai10
    Alex Valrouge Latest?cb=20160607163041&path-prefix=protagonist

    Female 1:
    Alex Valrouge 4518886b3109d548d92b968be24a8c20
    Female 2:
    Alex Valrouge Female-anime-characters-with-short-blonde-hair

    Alex Valrouge Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council: Shadow Rage
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Left upper arm; royal purple
    Rin Moriyama

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    Alex Valrouge Empty Re: Alex Valrouge

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:42 pm

    Alex Valrouge JHIQrNS


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