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    Asterik Von Grimor Empty Asterik Von Grimor

    Post by Asterik Von Grimor on Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:12 pm

    Asterik Von Grimor E34MaWf

    Name:Asterik Von Grimor
    Gender: Male
    Age:23 > Looks l 1000 > actual age
    Date of Birth:November 23rd
    Race: Demi-Devil
    Racial Traits:

    Enhanced Longevity: Asterik is regarded as a singularity of his own, the blood of his demonic mother coursing through his body has given him something akin to immortality. While he does not age nor die like a normal human, his body ages very slowly, almost 1/10 as slow as a normal human.

    Enhanced Strength: Asterik is by far stronger than any normal human due to the demonic physiology of his body.

    Asterik Von Grimor 4AsRYFb

    Asterik has a strange and extremely intimidating personality. He has a certain level of respect for any form of race to an extent and can be said to be quite the helpful fellow if something will benefit him. He possesses a strong winners-mentality, believing that winners get everything in life while losers are denied all. However he also has a tendency to take victory for granted as he holds that, for him, winning is merely a given and thus, lost the sense of accomplishment in victory. Asterik also views his power and skill as absolute and grows violent when anybody opposes this ideal of his.

    Asterik also will not tolerate anyone who opposes him, looks down on him or speaks to him in a derisive manner, stating that only those who serve him can look him in the eye, while others who oppose him should know their place. Roku seems too often take things to the extreme, this will be shown by anyone who would oppose him showing them no mercy and no tolerance for it in the slightest swiftly resulting to violence if need be…

    Like most of the stereotypical Demons, Asterik looks down on those that are less powerful than himself, which in this case mostly incorporates lesser demons, as he always strives to be one above anyone in the food chain. However he breaks away from this stereotype by putting up a face of benevolence and a charismatic smile. Befitting his genius intellect and heritage he is a very driven individual who is very much like his mother in a lot of ways, although one could argue that he is far less extreme in virtue than his mother is. He is highly manipulative to the point of wanting to control everyone and puppeteer the strings. However he is a little conflicted himself in this manipulative nature to the point that he has to actively justify it in his mind as "this is how you raised me mother". Another note is his keen desire for knowledge a sense of investigation to get to the truth.

    Like his mother he loves to flirt with any member of the opposite sex as long as they are sexy to him and would even go to such lengths to get them into his bed. The game of cat and mouse as far as flirting goes is like a battleground to him, every single word and action he shows is laced with such a...alluring state that many fall for. Ever the dominating one, he loves nothing more than being the boss and being in charge unless someone manages to put him in a submissive state.

    - Drinking
    - Women
    - Destrution!!
    Dislikes:(3 Minimum)
    - Rejection
    - Losing
    - Liars
    Motivations:(3 Minimum)
    - Find an Equal
    - Become a Devil Slayer
    - Live
    Fears:(3 Minimum)
    - Dying
    - Solitude
    - Peace

    Asterik Von Grimor 54DQ57H

    Weight:175 lbs
    Hair Color:White/Black
    Eye Color:Yellow
    Skin Tone:Hazel
    Overall Appearance:

    Asterik is a tall man whose looks pale in comparison to his actual age. Standing at a height of six foot one, Asterik's physical body is depicted as a male in his athletic prime. His chest is chiseled and rigid showing off his sculpted abdomen and pectoral muscles. Though he has no issues wearing something like this, he prefers to always show his chest.

    Under any normal circumstance he is always seen with his hair down where it falls below his lower back and stops just in the middle of his Kimono. While his hair is long and well maintained, the white and black locks often find themselves curling up especially around the right side of his face, where his often has little tufts of hair sticking out. His eyes however are the crown jewel of his looks. The intoxicating orbs are a soft yellow color which seem to glow in the right light.

    Moving on to his clothing, if he ever out and about he often wears this. Starting with the top he wears an open purple kimono which displays his chest for the world to see, his chest itself being wrapped in tight bandages. From the back to his sides rest the crest of the demon whom he once made a contract with during his human years. The black crest spans from the bottom of his shoulder blades to the start of his hips where it curves over and then stops beside his lower ribs.

    Moving onto the lower portion of his body he wears a pair of black pants which are held up by a single red sash. Attached to the golden buckle with holds the sash against the pants rests an ash grey and black pelt which drops just to the bells of his pants and rest comfortably against his sandals.

    In a situation that requires him to be properly dressed and ready his appearance changes. He wears a white mandarin collared sleeveless shirt, worn over by a black sleeveless stand up collared jacket. The bottom half consists of white pants wrapped around by a sarong and tied with an abrasive belt. Along the length of his neck lies his birthmark which to some look like a small scar. The jagged line starts from the right side of his neck and travels just shy of his jaw line, the appearance of such making it seem as if he had been cut or something.

    Asterik Von Grimor Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council:Shadow Rage
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Dark Blue/ Big symbol on his back
    Alvah Ezhno

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    Asterik Von Grimor Empty Re: Asterik Von Grimor

    Post by Alvah Ezhno on Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:07 am



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