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    The Beginning for Solomon King Empty The Beginning for Solomon King

    Post by SolomonxKing on Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:32 pm

    Solomon wasn't as fortunate as most children not knowing his mother from birth, and his father dying when he was eight. He was sent from home to home till eventually a man came along who happened to be a single man. The man’s name was Helious, most knew him as the Red Rain those who knew the title knew him as a great warrior, the name originating from a great hunt of the past where he could be seen holding the beast above his head as the blood rained down upon him. At first they didn't really act if either of each other existed. He would either be asleep till evening or out who knows where. That continued till one afternoon surprisingly he woke and shuffled over to the kitchen with his shirt half off and struggling to keep his pants up. He opened the up a cabinet to only sigh and then look over as he watched Solomon eat the last of the food. He walked over to the table and sat, he looked at Solomon for a while before saying, "Your coming with me tonight." Solomon didn't really register to him speaking but it didn't seem to matter, as night fell as Helious was about to start the regular routine, on his way out the door, Helious just lifted Solomon up and over his shoulder. Of course Solomon would struggle but eventually he gave in and just watched his surroundings as they passed behind Helious.

    After about fifteen minutes they arrived at what seemed to be a strip club, before Solomon could look around he was flung down into a booth where sat some other men with women.... This became common to him after months went by; slowly he learnt how Helious acts, silent and carefree almost always. After five years he had learnt all about the business side of the club and what Helious does for it, after another five years, he began to learn the trade alongside Helious and learning how to properly intimidate, charm, and kill if necessary, during that time they bonded but were closer to brothers then father and son.

    After numerous years he started to be a part of the club himself, the strippers loved him, the men respected him & his father Helious, those who owed money feared him. This continued for some time before one day Helious went missing, Solomon at first thought he was just taking some time to himself like he usually did. That changed as time passed and he realised no one was asking questions, not the club, not the boss, and he still hadn't returned home. At first it was a suspicion then it turned to paranoia, he began to hear rumours on the street that someone took care of Helious he attempted to get information from who he could but all trails lead short. He decided as time passed that he would get some help from those highest to him, so he went back to the club to ask the head if he could give a helping hand with his connections. He came to the door to open it up but as he was about to walk in he heard two voices one of which just finished saying Helious. He froze, and in the time that he froze he overheard that the guest spoke saying, "I don't think it was a good time to get rid of Helious just yet, he would have been better killing some of the high profiles before being dead." The Head spoke up, "His little one should be able to take care of that..."

    Three years have passed since the club "burned" to the ground with multiple casualties. Now Solomon would occasionally walk past the wreckage hoping that he would see his teacher and step-father standing nearby. Time has passed but he would never forgive the club for what they had done to his step father but time as made him into a better person and now rather than vengeance he seeks justice on the man who assassinated his step father.

    Too be continued....

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