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    Post by Macaria on Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:59 am

    Hades Flame

    Name of Magic: Hades Flame
    Type/Sub-type: Caster/ Fire
    Current Rank: D
    Hades Flame is a fire magic in which its flames are born from the fires of the underworld. Macaria being the blood daughter of the ruler of the underworld is able to wield her father's dimension's flames with ease. The flame are a very dark purple hue and burn hotter than normal flames. They are considered unholy due to where they come from.

    These flames can't be consumed by dragon or devil slayers due to them being unholy. However, God Slayers can consume these flames. Hades Flame Magic can create will-o-wisps, vortexes of dark flames and much more. Due to the nature of this dark magic, the flames of the Underworld reside in Macaria's body and flow through her veins along with her blood. In other words, she acts as a host for the flames.

    Hades Flame Appearance:
    ♦Hades Flame♦ ADFefoT

    Hot Body
    Because these flames reside in the body of Macaria, her body temperature is above that of other people, making her body extremely warm to the point where one could burn themselves if they touch her bare skin for too long.

    Flame body
    Macaria has the ability, to turn her body into flames. This trait allows her to have pure physical attacks phase through her body as well as gives her ability to fly. This ability can be used 5 times per thread at d rank and the number of uses allowed will increase by 2 at each rank.

    Fiery Resistance
    Due to the nature of her magic, Macaria has a natural resistance to flames of any kind. She can't be burned by any flames equal to or lower than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  

    Flame Hopping
    By stepping into a natural born fire, Macaria can teleport herself to another location with a natural born fire, so long as its within 100 ft of her starting location, This ability can be used 5 times per thread at d rank and the number of uses allowed will increase by 2 at each rank.


    Name of Spell: Hell's Fireball
    Type: Offensive/fire
    Rank: D
    Description: Macaria summons five soccer ball sized fireballs above her head and sends them flying at her opponents traveling at a speed of 25 mph. Each fireball explodes upon contact with anything. The explosions are a 15 feet radius. So, even if they do not hit their target, if the target is within range of the blast, they will recieve some damage. The flames cause first degree burns if they make contact with bare skin. Each fireball does 1/5 the damage of a d rank spell.
    CD | Duration: 3 posts | 1 post
    Range: travel up to 100 ft away from caster, 15 ft radius for explosions

    Name of Spell: Fiery Kiss of the Underworld
    Type: Offensive/fire
    Rank: D
    Description: Macaria blows a kiss made of the flames of the underworld in the shape of her lips. As the flames travel, they expand in size, until they are as big an exercise ball. They can travel up to 50 feet away from the caster, and travel at the speed of 17 mph. Anything past 50 feet and the flames will begin to dissipate. Macaria can blow up to 5 kisses of pure underworld flames for the duration of this spell. If they make contact with anything, not only will they leave minor first degree burns if they touch bare skin but, they will explode upon contact, no matter what they touch. The explosions have a radius of 15 ft. Each fiery kiss does 1/5 the damage of a d rank spell. Only burn bare skin and fabric.
    CD | Duration: 4 posts | 2 posts
    Range: 50 ft in distance, radius of explosion is 15 ft.

    Name of Spell: Underworld Firewall
    Type: Defensive/fire
    Rank: D
    Description: Macaria conjures up a wall made of the flames from the underworld by blowing them from her mouth. The wall of flames can be made into a complete and enclosed circle. This spell is good for keeping enemies out or keeping them trapped inside.
    This spell can neutralize most physical attacks and counter spells of equal rank.(At most can keep out 4 d rank physical attacks, and 2 d rank spells. Anything higher can put the flames out.)
    CD | Duration: 5 posts | 3 posts
    Range: 10 ft diameter around caster. 7 feet high.

    Name of Spell: Wings of the Underworld
    Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Fire
    Rank: D
    Description: A pair of wings, made of the flames from the underworld, will sprout out of Macaria's back. They are 7 ft long, 5 ft wide/tall. The wings use Macaria's back muscles in order to move. They allow her to fly up to 50 ft in the air, and up to 100 ft in distance. This spell is good for both dodging and defending against attacks.(can block up to 2 d-rank spells, and 4 d-rank physical attacks)
    CD | Duration: 6 posts | 4 posts
    Range: 100 ft in distance, 50 ft in height


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    Post by Henrex on Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:26 pm


    « Magic Checklist »

    • Name [X]
    • Rank [X]
    • Description is Present [X]
    • Description is Reasonable [X]
    • Ability/Abilities Are Not Godmod/Overpowered [X]

    Comments/Notes: Currently, I don't see anything wrong with this. I will be approving this and moving this shortly. If anyone has any problems with this, contact me directly.


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