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    God is Dead


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    God is Dead

    Post by NPC on Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:58 am

    Name: God is Dead
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: At least one D rank wizard
    Job Description: There's a shrine in Komeda Village that's been vandalized, robbed from, and abandoned. Well, partially abandoned. There's this monk who's been there ever since he was a child. He's the last one of the shrine and his family, out living all of those in his family to this day. He's basically the only one left and he refuses to leave from the shrine. That wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a gold mine under that place. Not a metaphorical gold mine a literal gold mine, waiting to be dug up by someone such as me. That's why I need you to kill him and get rid of the body. Thanks boo. ~ With Love, Client
    Job Location: Komeda Village, West Fiore
    Monk Dio x1
    A old and fragile monk. He's completely senile, deaf, and blind in one eye. There's not much he can do to you but plea for mercy. A single attack should be able to off him, but if he decided to fight back it probably won't be much of a threat. Just make sure to get rid of the body though.
    Reward: 1,000 Jewels, 100 Experience

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