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    Kenshin Empty Kenshin

    Post by Kenshin on Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:15 pm

    Kenshin E34MaWf

    Name: Kenshin
    Gender: Male
    Age: "21" (True Age Unknown)
    Date of Birth: November 17 (he has long since forgotten that)
    Race: Ancient Etherious - As one of the very first Etherious to have ever been created Kenshin’s body is unique even among other Etherious, this is due to the fact that mages were still experimenting on how to properly form the bodies of Etherious out of magical particles when he was created, his very creation was nothing more than a fluke at the hands of one of these experiments.

    Racial Traits:

    Semi-Immortality: Kenshin’s body literally absorbs magical particles from his surroundings (this makes no different to his  magic power nor the power of his spells, nor does it effect the rate at which he regains magic power), this constant absorption of the very same magical particles that make up his body have given him a form of semi-immortality. His body is completely immune to the effects of time, aka he does not age at all,  as any cells of his that die due to age are immediately replaced by new cells that he creates by absorbing magical particles. He cannot get sick, nor can he be effected by any natural poisons (magical poisons still affect him), and his body heals much faster than the average mortals, which is once again due to any of his cells that die are almost instantly replaced by newer cells (NOTE: this is only from natural injuries, like being cut with a regular knife, stabbed with a regular sword, breaking bones by falling down stairs, etc etc, the presence of any magical particles in the attacks completely negates this healing factor. The reason for this is simple, his body is only able to absorb the magical particles found within nature, or the natural world, any magical particles produced by mages nullify his ability to absorb natural particles from nature temporarily).

    Ancient Etherious Form: Most Etherious possess the ability to change into their own Etherious forms at will, and Kenshin is no different, much like any other Etherious that goes into their Etherious form Kenshin’s physical appearance changes drastically (will be shown in appearance), he gains a pair of demonic wings that allow him to fly, and the power of his spells receive boost. The size of the boost is entirely dependent on his rank, and as he gets stronger so does the power up that he receives when going into his Etherious form

    D-rank = 10%
    C-rank = 12%
    B-rank = 14%
    A-rank = 16%
    S-rank = 18%
    SS-rank = 20%

    Kenshin 4AsRYFb

    Personality:Outside the battlefield Kenshin is an extremely calm person, he prefers not to speak when he doesn’t have to and usually leaves the talking to others when he can, but just because Kenshin is quiet it doesn’t mean that he does not have his own opinions on matters, if someone tries to do something that he disagreed with what they were saying then he will let them know. Kenshin is extremely intelligent and cunning, he is also extremely patient and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to fulfill his own goals, even if he has to sacrifice his own ethics and morals in order to do so. Kenshin is the type of person who will do what he wants when he wants to do it, and it’s for this reason that he chose not to join any of the innumerable amount of guilds that have sprung up across Fiore in his extremely long lifetime. The reason for his attitude is extremely simple,from the very beginning Kenshin knew that the world was not black and white, good and evil like many people believed, but that it was nothing more than varying shades of grey. He knows that a hero to one person could and more than likely would be seen as a bloodthirsty demon to another, so rather than trying to appear as the hero or the villain to everyone  he chose to do what he felt like doing, no matter what it caused people to see him as.

    Kenshin loves fighting above all else: the sights, the sounds, even the taste of his own blood. Yet he is very disciplined in a fight, never allowing his failed plans or attacks to upset him and never letting superior numbers or power intimidate him. Kenshin is willing to do whatever must be done to gain victory, although he sometimes when he finds a fight too easy he imposes limitations on himself, such as not using certain techniques more than once, he is willing to "lower" himself with unbecoming tactics or excess displays, ever willing and able to change tactics and exploit advantages. He is perfectly aware of his talents and does not feign modesty, bluntly stating when he is stronger than his opponents and belittling them when they continued to defy him. Conversely, if he is proven wrong or somebody poses a legitimate challenge to him he is willing to admit it and apologize for his previous remarks if necessary, and if he gain the upper hand, he would not drag out his opponent's suffering.

    Fighting: What better way to get the blood pumping, fighting is the only thing that makes Kenshin truly feel alive
    Training: Kenshin enjoys training almost as much as he enjoys fighting, and he'll take almost any opportunity to squeeze in some extra training
    Sunset: Kenshin sees sunsets differently to most people, while others love sunsets for the pretty colors Kenshin loves them because of the darkness they bring to the world, and because of this he finds sunsets to be the most beautiful thing in the world
    The Full Moon: The full moon is a sight that Kenshin enjoys as much as training, it always calms him down and the excess of energy in his body just seems to vanish
    Reading: Kenshin truly enjoys reading, he finds that reading a good book will always calm him down, even when he has reached his boiling point

    Weakness: The one thing that Kenshin hates above all else is weakness, be it in himself or in others
    Sunrise: While Kenshin thinks that there is nothing more beautiful than a sunset, he thinks there is nothing uglier than a sunrise, this belief stems from the same line of thought that made him love sunsets, because while sunsets create darkness sunrises destroys it, and there is nothing uglier than that to Kenshin
    Ignorance: Kenshin can't stand ignorance, be it in himself or in others, he has heard the expression ignorance is bliss but he couldn't disagree with it more, to him ignorance is nothing more than stupidity
    Have Fun: Kenshin’s main goal in life is not to bring world peace, or bring the world to the edge of ruin, like most wannabe heroes and villains, no, his goal is much more simple, all he wants is to enjoy his life
    Become Powerful: This goal ties in with the first, as who does not enjoy having the power to decide life and death for others to be fun
    Be Remembered: Kenshin is under no false assumption that he is going to live forever, he has long since accepted that one day his extremely long life will come to an end, but even then he does not want to be forgotten completely
    Dying: One thing that Kenshin truly fears is dying, mostly due to the fact that he has no idea what to expect after it happens, will he go to heaven, hell, will it just be nothingness, there's no way to tell until he dies, and he really is not looking forward to the day that it happens
    Dragons: Kenshin prefers not to say that he is afraid of dragons, more that he respects their power, something that stems from him once being punched through a mountain by a dragon made entirely of metal for insulting it
    Omnipotent Beings: Now Kenshin would never truly admit to this, but he is rather unnerved by the idea of being existing with the power to simply erase him with a click of their fingers

    Kenshin 54DQ57H

    Height: Height: 184cm (6ft)
    Weight: 135lbs
    Hair Color: White hair, no real style
    Eye Color: Red eyes with slit pupils
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Overall Appearance:

    Human Form:
    Kenshin Accelerator.full.869004

    Ancient Etherious Form:
    Kenshin CKbFX7QWoAAUl9q
    Kenshin possesses two 6ft long demonic wings that protrude from his upper back, making his total wingspan 12ft, the wings are not retractable but he is able to close them behind his back. The wings get stronger as Kenshin does, meaning that the total altitude they allow him to fly to depends on his rank

    D-rank = 20 meters high
    C-rank = 40 meters high
    B-rank = 60 meters high
    A-rank = 80 meters high
    S-rank = 100 meters high
    SS-rank = 150 meters high

    (Note: I based these heights off the range for spells system, as even at SS-rank heights I do not exceed A-rank spel range)

    Kenshin Y2rTFKz

    Guild/Council: Guildless
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Nowhere since Guildless White with red outline, directly atop his spine, upper portion of his back (between where his wings sprout in Ancient Etherious Form


    Kenshin Eb3125f6cdde2b5992b7f771c7ead643a503102c_hq
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    Kenshin Empty Re: Kenshin

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:20 pm

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