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    Shane Mystic, The Seventh Marked

    Post by Shane on Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:01 pm

    Name: Shane Mystic
    Age: 16(real age is 160 or so)
    Date of Birth: august 31st
    Race: Demon Halfling(half demon, half human)
    Racial Traits:
    Demon halflings are a mixing of demons and humans, and thanks to the blood of immortal demons flowing through their veins, they age 10 times as slowly as humans do.

    Shane is a fairly loyal person, who will always protect his loved one no matter what it costs him. He is highly caring of the people around him, and usually does his best to help them in any way he can. If somebody he cares about is hurting, he will do whatever he can to fix it. He has been this way his whole life, which is an annoyance to some but to most is just something they learn to accept about him. People think him nosy when he butts into their problems, but Shane dosen't care as long as the problem is resolved. He just wants to help people.
    But... on occasion, something seems to snap in Shane, and he becomes cruel, thoughtless, and a brutal killing machine. He dosen't seem to hear, or to have any thoughts besides killing. nothing can stop him in this state, he will keep going until he dies unless he is physically restrained. No amount of reason will make it's way into his brain in this state. Not even if his loved ones are threatened will he be moved, when he gets like this.

    In combat, Shane is another one of those people who chooses to incapacitate his enemies rather than kill them, unless he is in the aforementioned state, in which case the only thing he wants to do will be to kill everything. Shane prefers to use a variety of battle styles, so that no matter what opponent he faces, he always has a style to counter them with. He hates fighting, however, which is why sometimes people view him as a bit of a pushover. He just dosen't want to hurt anyone, he has too kind of a heart. Which is why he is often bullied by the others he knows, he quite simply is viewed as being rather weak. Which annoys him to no end, but he deals with it.
    Likes:(3 Minimum)
    - chocolate, he can't get enough of it
    - Alexandria, a childhood friend
    Dislikes:(3 Minimum)
    -killing, it makes him feel evil and wrong
    -people who hurt others for fun, he dosen't understand why they would want to do that.
    Motivations:(3 Minimum)
    Fears:(3 Minimum)

    Height:(Height of your character. In feet and inches)
    Weight:(Weight of your character. In pounds)
    Hair Color:(Color of your character's hair.)
    Eye Color:(Color of your character's eyes)
    Skin Tone:(Color of your character's skin)
    Overall Appearance:

    Guild/Council: Twilight Dragon
    Guild/Council Tattoo: back of neck, violet

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