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    IV. Banned and Limited Magics System Empty IV. Banned and Limited Magics System

    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:37 am

    Banned and Limited Magics of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Limited Magics
    1. One limited Magic per person
    2. You must APPLY for a limited magic under registration>positions registration>limited magics
    3. You MUST stay ACTIVE in order to keep your limited magic.


    Please keep in mind, good RP samples do not always translate into good RP skill. So, staff will be monitoring the threads of those with limited magics and etc to make sure they RP at a certain level that is worthy of the positions they hold. Basically, if you are caught RPing at a lower skill level than what you showed staff in your RP sample, you may be stripped of your position.

    Generic Magics
    Copy magic
    Reflector Magic
    High Speed / Slow Magic
    Mirror Magic
    Sound Magic
    Wave Magic
    Crash Magic
    Gravity Magic
    Binding Magic
    Vibration Magic
    Clone Magic
    Dispel Magic
    Doll Magic
    Darkness Magic

    Golden Gate Keys
    Leo, the Lion
    Aquarius, the Water Bearer
    Scorpio, the Scorpion
    Taurus, the Golden Bull
    Virgo, the Maiden
    Gemini, the Twins
    Aries, the Ram
    Capricorn, the Goat
    Sagittarius, the Archer
    Pisces, the Fish
    Libra, the Scales
    Cancer, the Crab

    Lost Magics:  
    Arc of Time
    Great Tree Arc
    Arc of Embodiment
    Maguilty Sense Magic
    Dragon Slayer
    God Slayer
    Demon/Devil Slayer

    Banned Magics

    These are magics that have been banned for one reason or another. They are unattainable.

    Ankhseram Black Magic: Known as the contradictory curse. The more one values life, the more they will kill. In other words, its basically death magic(insta-kill).
    Absorption Magic: This Magic allows someone to basically take any kind of magic that they come across as there own and potentially can make them invincible.
    Airspace Magic: This magic allows for manipulation of the air itself. Presents the possibility of an insta-kill if used properly, hence it is banned.
    Black Arts:  Are forms of Magic that have the capacity to manipulate life/using death spells/creating living monsters/demons like zeref did (Delliora, Lullaby)
    Command Magic: Can make anyone obey your commands. PC control is a possibility.
    Human Subordination Magic: This is a magic that allows you to subjugate a human. It has the possibility of being abused.
    Figure Eyes: Turns anybody who makes eye contact with the user into dolls, allowing them to manipulate their souls.
    Memory-Make Magic: Allows you to "remember" any spell of your opponent and use it against them. Holds the possibility of being abused.
    Possession Magic: Allows you to possess a person or any living thing. PC control is possible.
    Rapture Magic: This magic basically is an instant Kill magic and that isn't allowed.
    Resurrection Magic: This magic allows you to bring back someone from the dead.
    Stone Eyes: Turns anybody who makes eye contact with the use into stone. Which makes the user able to do whatever they want with the stone body.
    Voodoo Doll Magic: If the user of this magic can get a hold of your hair and put it in the voodoo doll, they have the ability to control your body's every movement.
    Disassembly Magic: Does not work, with the current system.
    Yakuma Eighteen War Gods Magic: This magic is essentially eighteen different styles of magic in one, and as such holds massive potential to be abused.
    Territory Magic:
    This magic allows the caster to manipulate the fabric of space, which holds big potential to be used.
    Take Over, God Soul Chronos:
    This particular magic gives the caster complete control over time, allowing them to stop time for certain people. Thus holds a massive potential to be abused.
    More shall be added in the future, if needed.

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