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    Ramses Lucciano | Character App


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    Ramses Lucciano | Character App

    Post by Silver on Sun May 08, 2016 5:45 am

    Name: Ramses Lucciano
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Date of Birth: Dec. 12
    Race: Human (Black/Italian)
    Racial Traits: -

    Personality:Ramses preaches individualism to his entire guild. He believes in believing in ones self first and foremost. Ramses thinks one must first love them self or no one will. He lives on that basic principle. Self promotion; you shouldn't try to be something for someone else and that you should always stay true to who you are. These things all attribute to his individualist nature.

    Ramses is truly strong minded; meaning he will never back down in what he believes in. He never backs down from any challenge and refuses to waver. This personality trait can even become over bearing at times, but Ramses has learned to compromise when it is needed.

    He is a Father figure to those around him. Whether or not they have one in their lives Ramses exudes a fatherly instinct. As a Mage of Fairy Tail he views the entire guild as his family. Regardless of Age he will call them his children more often than not. That being said when around them he is silly and constantly joking, but when harm comes to them or they are threatened it was as if a ferocious beast was set loose.

    Ramses loves women and feels they are gods gift to the world. He will never miss out on a opportunity to tell a woman this either. Various members of the guild often scold him for being flirtatious with women. He's even been seen with various woman around the guild. Even though he's had various women Ramses is a gentleman and treats them all with respect. He is just looking for the "right one". His response to those in the guild who see him is "I'm looking for a Mother for you all."

    Ramses is a lazy bum. At least now he is. The only time he will get up and do something is when he feels it is absolutely necessary. He has missed many meetings between guilds and was called to the Council several times; never to appear. He just feels that most things are trivial, especially if it's not about furthering the guild or helping someone in the guild. He'd rather lay/sit around all day. Ramses loves taking naps and is cranky if he doesn't at least get one a day.

    He doesn't bite his tongue for anyone. Ramses constantly speaks his mind. This makes him come off as a asshole or rude, but he truly doesn't mean to give off that impression. He has a answer for everything even if it is the wrong answer. Ramses also won't miss the chance to poke fun at someone; even if he is in the middle of a battle. He doesn't mean to offend and all his jokes are in good taste.

    Despite all of this Ramses is a kind and loyal man. He will never turn his back on his allies and understands that just because someone may have different ideals than him doesn't mean they're bad. If someone is in need he won't hesitate to help in whatever way he can.

    In battle Ramses is completely different. It's as if he becomes a different person. He attempts to overwhelm his opponents with powerful, quick, and devastating attacks. Although he fights in this manner Ramses is very analytical and will formulate a strategy to beat someone if he is at a disadvantage. To best describe him is a Tiger in the wild. He will stalk his prey if need be, but will attempt to use his overwhelming strength to defeat them.


    • Fire
    • Sleeping
    • Fairy Tail


    • The Cold
    • Those with ill intentions towards Fairy Tail
    • Those who harm his "children"
    • Dark Guilds


    • His "children"
    • Being yourself
    • Protecting Magnolia Town, and all of Fiore


    • One of his "children" dying
    • A painful demise
    • The destruction of Fairy Tail
    • Being Frozen solid

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Light Brown
    Overall Appearance:

    Guild/Council: Fairy Tail
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Over Heart (Chest) | Black
    Rin Moriyama

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    Re: Ramses Lucciano | Character App

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:55 pm


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