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    Post by Boundless Webmaster on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:24 am

    Guilds of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Almost each and every wizard belongs to a guild. It is how they find work and make money to live by taking on jobs that clients send out to said guilds.

    There are three types of guilds. Legal, Independent, and Dark.

    Legal Guilds
    Just as the name states, they are legal and follow all the laws of the country. They only ever take on jobs that are in accordance with the kingdom's laws.
    Current Legal Guilds
    Fairy Tail
    Hellfire Legion

    Independent Guilds
    These guilds have no true alignment whatsoever. Each guild has its own original alignment that the members go by. They could be dark or light, it all depends on the guild's ideals and beliefs.
    Current Independent Guilds
    Twilight Dragon
    Angelic Devil

    Dark Guilds
    These guilds are illegal and their members are known to commit atrocities and stir up chaos wherever they may go.
    Current Dark Guilds
    Shadow Rage
    Nightmare Incarnate

    Due to lack of options, members may put more than one of their characters in a single guild.

    There are some wizards who do not belong to any guilds. They are known as the "guildless".

    Guild Masters of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Guild Masters are the powerhouses that run the guilds in Fiore.

    They are given the special rank of X and have access to all(only natural spell slots) spells for both Primary and Secondary magic.(D through S Rank spells, refer to magic system to figure out how many spells in total you need to make.)

    Guild masters start out with 0 experience as if they were still a D rank. The purpose for this is, if a guild master looses their position for whatever reason and are no longer X rank, then if they've gained experience through jobs, instead of being bumped down to D rank, they will be bumped down to whatever rank they have the required experience for.(Ex. Rin went inactive for three months and lost her position as sacred dragon guild master but she had enough exp for B rank so she becomes B rank instead of D rank)

    Guild masters need to create their guild information in their guild's respective guild forum section. Guild information must include the following,
    What the guild stands for, a bit of the guild's history, guild hall location, and appearance. Guild masters may add on anything else they want.

    Guild masters must have their guild info up and completed within one week of being granted the position. Otherwise, they risk being stripped of their master-ship.

    Remember, being a guild master is a privilege not a right. If you do not stay active, that privilege will be taken away and given to someone else more deserving.

    Other Factions of Fairy Tail Boundless

    Right now, the only factions that exist on the site are legal, independent, and dark guilds.

    Both Magic Council and Rune Knights are NON-EXISTENT. They may or may not be brought in later on once and if the site becomes more consistently active. For now, no mentioning of them will be permitted.

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