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    Pandora Kairyuu

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    Post by Pandora Kairyuu on Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:42 pm

    Pandora Kairyuu [WIP] Firma_violate_de_behemoth_sc_by_librar1an-d4wvcg2
    Pandora Kairyuu [WIP] E34MaWf

    Name:Pandora Kairyuu
    Alias: Garuda's Wing || Behemoth
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21 (Age of soul is unknown)
    Date of Birth:September 3rd
    Race: Ortos (Latin for incarnated).
    Ortos, freely translated as 'Incarnated' in common tongue, are as much as their name implies, and yet they are so much more. Depending on the era an Ortos was born in, their knowledge may vary, as well as their revelation to the fact they have been incarnated or not. Some Ortos may as well never come to know of their heritage, thinking only of their pre-owned knowledge as something they gained in their current life, or as part of their hidden potential. The older an Ortos is, the more potent their abilities are, and the wiser they act. Many Ortos have come to fight with their lineage, and found ways to undo their unfortunate cycle due to the constant reminder of their pasts; upon reincarnation all of their previous lives' memories are embed within their new body, causing some to lose their minds. The only way to break an Ortos' line of incarnation is through the destruction of their soul through the means of eternano, which can only be done by other Ortos who've mastered the Ortos' bloodline trait.

    A typical characteristic is their eyes, whom reflect the light and eternano surrounding them and thus making their eyes radiate a mysterious light that accentuates their pupils.

    Racial Traits:

    • Ortos Bloodline: Ortos have an incredible amount of knowledge about various things that they came upon in their previous lives, and throughout these many centuries have gained the ability to sense and distinguish magic essence within a person, creature, item and even nature itself. This allows them to sense, track and identify any magical presence within 250m radius (range doubles per rank).
    • Ryuusei Legacy: Unique to Pandora, who has been an Ortos since the ages of myth, is the trait of Ryuusei. Ryuusei was a man known to be the very first of the Ortos, and has learnt the ways to ban the restrictions of the human body and mind in order to transcendent everything. In his final years he taught a select few how to overcome their physical restrictions, teaching each of them a respective ability. Pandora was taught the first of all these traits; the trait of physical abandonment, allowing her body's physical strength to grow exponentially and flow through her veins without being restrained. As a D-rank mage, she has the physical strength of 10 people combined. (Damage output stays the same.)

    Pandora Kairyuu [WIP] 4AsRYFb

    Personality: To Be Announced
    Likes:(3 Minimum)
    • A Nightingale's Voice || Despite her rough appearance and intimidating way of speaking, Pandora seems to have a nick for the beauty of the vocal arts, and has been capable of moving even the most hardened fighter to tears once she starts singing.
    • Some Legends are Told || As one who has lived through the ages, Pandora has an interest regarding myths and is a vivid story-teller.



    • Be One of My Wings || To find the incarnation of her late master, Garuda, and once again return to his side as the strongest of all his subordinates, to once more become one of the Garuda's wings.
    • Honor be with the Fallen || She hopes to live for all the comrades she has had, all the masters she trained under that gifted her with knowledge and power, and most of all hold up to the principles she holds close to herself.


    • Love || If there's anything this warrioress cannot take, it might as well be the feeling of true love. Her past memories have left her scarred and frowning upon its meaning, as well as hesitant to try and comprehend it once more.

    Pandora Kairyuu [WIP] 54DQ57H

    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Hair Color: Dark with purple hue
    Eye Color: Electric purple
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Overall Appearance:

    Pandora Armored:

    Pandora Kairyuu [WIP] OUaaDfZ

    Guild/Council: Angelic Devil
    Guild/Council Tattoo: The mark is located between her shoulderblades and is obsidian in color.

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