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    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦


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    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Empty Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦

    Post by Macaria on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:11 am

    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Coolte10

    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Irish-10

    Name: Macaria
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Date of Birth: June 3rd
    Race: Demi-god
    Racial Traits:
    Divine Aura
    To most, Macaria will appear to have a glow to her. The glow is a sign of her divine blood. It is a light purple color

    Time of Dying
    Due to Macaria being the daughter of Hades, God of the underworld, she can see other people's death clocks(the thing that tells you how much time you have left to live).

    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Coolte11

    Macaria is nothing like her father, she is neutral to most everything. She does not care who other people side with. She'll only side with whom she sees fit and will do what she wants without being wary of the consequences that may come later on. Macaria is uncaring of those she does not know. She couldn't care less if some stranger was being attacked or dying of hunger. She would simply walk by and not bother to stop.

    Despite how she is towards those she doesn't know, when it comes to those she cares about, she is kind, compassionate and caring. She is fiercely loyal to those she puts trust in and won't ever betray someone who has trusted in her.

    While Macaria doesn't care what alignment strangers are, if they try to get in her way, or cross her in a bad way, then she'll show no mercy. Macaria has no filter whatsoever, causing others to think of her as brutish due to her rather "colorful" vocabulary. She'll be swearing left and right without a single care.

    When it comes to matters concerning love, she can be quite the tsundere. She often has her words contradicting her actions and has a nasty habit of getting easily jealous when someone she has feelings for is getting friendly with another woman. Because of all this, Macaria can be both physically and verbally abusive towards her crush. 

    Macaria has a love of weapons. Being a re-quip mage, she has the most fun picking out new weapons for her to use in battle. She loves them so much that she could be considered a weapon freak. Aside from her love of weaponry, Macaria loves sweets. She's the type who could eat 5 people's worth of cake and not gain weight. 

    In battle, Macaria is ruthless. She will kill her opponents before they have a chance to end her. To her, battle is a survival of the fittest. Those who come out on top and are the victors prove they were the fittest and survived. To her, those who let an enemy go without taking them out are weak. 

    -Taking sides
    -unnecessary bloodshed 
    -Getting stronger
    -To Defeat her father
    -Protecting loved ones
    -To die pathetically
    -Being Weak

    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Coolte12

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair Color: Purple
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Light
    Overall Appearance:

    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Latest?cb=20151210053934

    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Coolte13

    Guild/Council: Twilight Dragon
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Right side of her neck(dark purple)


    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Macari10


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    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ Empty Re: Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦

    Post by Henrex on Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:11 am

    I currently see nothing wrong with this application, so I approve this!


    Macaria ♦ Daughter of Hades ♦ BMB4yZJ

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